Come On In!

I've always had a thing about helping out animals. Even as a young kid. Once there was a cat up in a tree, and I didn't think it could get down. So I ran home to call the fire department, to have them come and get the cat out of the tree. The tree was a very tall one, even now as I'm older it's still a very tall tree. Anyway I didn't get very far about calling the fire department, I called the operator so she could transfer me, and then my grandma asked who I was talking to and she said "No, I don't think so. That's very expensive, and you could just open up a can of food, and it will come down when it wants. If it was able to get up there, it can get down."

Now my helpin out animals are more of feeding them when they come to the house. There is a guy a couple of houses down that doesn't get any of his cats fixed, so they keep having more. Well they come down to our house and we feed them, and try to pet them. After awhile they will let us touch them. Anyway in the winter it gets really cold, and I feel really bad and my parents will let one or two come in at a time. (usually my dad fights us on this, but we have always gotten our way) Anyway it's always supposed to be just for the winter, but they always end up staying in the house. We always get our animals fixed as well, so not to add to the population. However now we have 11 cats now inside our house, and none of them have been because we let any of them have kittens. So now we just have to feed the cats outside. I felt so bad for this one that has been hanging around that I took out a dog kennel carrier (we have 5 dogs as well, a few strays and I did adopt one from a shelter since he was so cute and was going to be put down) and put some blankets in it and on top of it to block the wind. We do the best we can now, and we told the guy that he could even go up and get a wavier for getting the cats fixed, since they are strays kind of. He won't do it, since he has to go out of town to get the wavier. 

It's just seeing that the animal is in need that gets me going. I feel so bad for them, and I try to do what I can for them to help out their life in anyway that I can. My dad teases and says that the animal will see me and say "there's a sucker" . But I suppose that's why I'm going to school to become a vet tech. So I can help more animals, and not have to have my house invaded by them! =-)

Krysta Krysta
22-25, F
2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

Yea, it is. That's why we don't accept anymore. A couple people have dropped off a couple at our house, but the rest just came to our house. We moved here 5 years ago with just one cat, and then ended up with 11. It's crazy.

thats alot of cats wow.