You will not need to boast that you have alot of money to help,if you have a heart and kindness trait in you it will always be easy for you to act with out anybody asking you to help because by helping others it make life so wonderful time to live and it really removes some feelings that you miss for others who once ask you and out of anger you refuse,but we are humans and it happens thats why i always see to it i can lend help and do some volunteer work so i can help in my own way.....start now and you will know how it feels so good....
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This world would be better place if we all pitched in to help someone else and share joy and laughter. :)

cool and yeah we can always find a way to help even in the smallest way,thank you

It comes these days, when the money solves everything, they stealing people's hearts, and killing their souls.... It was just a man, he often sang the songs, but was a day when a big success came to him and he had got a lot of money. And heart became a stone at once, whole soul freezed. He got alot but always wanted more... he lost his humanity... Sorry, for my english, it was some russian poetry, i was trying to translate.. well, i hope i could bring the main meaning of those words: if we still want to help to someone without no any reason, without no waiting to get something back, then our souls are yet alive!!!

well you are nice person and im sure you can in everyway you can and nothing to be ashame or feel bad no matter how small it is and i like russian poems i thinks alot should be translated so everyone could easily understand it.

God bless you :)

what ever we do even in smallest way God knows it and someday what we do is rewarded and i believe it does...

helping people is a great thing to's not about money and stuffs that you can give...just simply caring will do...

yes when you help it gives alot of joy and fullfillment because you find ways to reach needy people....


it really does thanks

thank you it really does

I am a very helpful person but I have learned the hard way you can only help people who want to help themselves. If they are not willing to do what it takes to try and change their situation then they will never get out of it.

yes so by helping them to know something in return you are helping them but not by providing or spoon feeding them...

Many times people have made me feel bad trying to help them.

just dont mind them instead if you couldnt reach try the other way around do some volunteer work in your spare time...

If they are making you feel bad because you are trying to help them, then maybe those people don't want to be helped. We have to know when to step back and let others get on with it themselves. Sometimes when we think we are helping, we are really (or are perceived as) interfering. We just need to recognize who wants our help and who does not, and not hold it against anyone if they prefer no help. It is not a reflection on you in any way.

helping others can make ur heart stronger or it can leave a scar. either way you learn from it. if helping other is in your nature rich or poor dont change who u r. maybe the person you help will learn to help others awel.l

yes it does and if we dont feel bad helping others im sure God one day will rewards us in his paradise,thank you

Being kind and helping others is what can give a man the rest of mind in life