I Want To Help Others

I have been through such a traumatising life with being sexually abused and I would really like to pull through it and help other people who have been in similar situations as I have. I am willing to help anyone who has been through it and advise them on what they can do in order to cope and what they could do if they feel they cannot tell anyone what has happened. Sexual abuse is much more common than I thought it was so victims need all the help they need in order to pull through. When my case is finally over and my dad finally gets sentenced (hopefully) I am hoping to publish my story in a real life magazine so sexual abuse victims to come open with their experience and get these paedophiles into jail where they belong.

I am also studying Psychology as I am hoping to be a clinical psychologist in the future so I can also help people with mental disorders as they really deserve it. I just love helping people and I love the feeling I get when I know that I have made a difference in someone's life. I am a very good listener and I am willing to help anyone with any personal problems. I really hope that I succeed in my Psychology degree so that I can start helping people in my future career which will be something that I will most certainly enjoy. Fingers Crossed!
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1 Response May 6, 2012

My story is a lot like yours. I made it through child abuse. I'm getting my associates degree in October. I want to go on to become a clinical psychologist, so that I can help others. Lately, I have been so discourage by our culture and the way that people treat one another. It is encouraging to know that there are other compassionate people out there. Good luck, and I hope that you accomplish your dreams.

Thank you I'm sorry to see you've been through child abuse too and I'm glad you got through it by carrying out your degree. Good luck for you too.