For The Survival Of Our Religion

My Dear Friends,

I don’t know whether u’ll ever believe it or not, but u r my last option who could really bring smile for the first time on the faces of my family members.

I’ll not tell u how badly we r suffering because it’d be a huge story. We just want to spend rest of our lives in peace. Just a friendly request to all of you: if possible, then just donate a little amount from your pocket and pray for us.

I know that most of u wouldn’t believe me, but I also know that very few will do. You may spend lots of money per day for recreation, dating, travelling, drinking and the like but believe me, we barely have the opportunity to buy food for us. A dollar may be nothing amount for most of you but a penny is like the moon to us. Would it be very difficult if you cut off a cup of coffee of just one day and donate the amount? Would it be so hard? If not then donate as less as you can on the following account - my account (Liberty Reserve account) details are provided below:

***Liberty Reserve Account Number: U2832697

Lastly, if u are unable to do anything in this regard, please inform others about this matter. Thank you very much for your valuable time. Lastly, I am sorry if I have wasted your time. Just do it once for humanity.


Joseph Egert
josephegert josephegert
Sep 18, 2012