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Mission Impossible IV

For a few months my housemate and my friend have been intimate but noncommittal. Tonight we all went out clubbing and said housemate and another started talking to these foreign girls and decided to bring them back to our house. I was already good to leave because my shoe broke and my friend wanted to come home with me, but the fellers wanted to share a taxi and my friend couldn't bare to because she didn't want to see my housemate with another girl-you see, she feels very strongly for him but is willing to just be FWB because it's what they agreed on, he knows this. So the two of us caught a separate taxi home with the excuse that we were waiting for someone else to show up and would be home later. Un fortunately her keys her in my house (in his bedroom), so when we got there she went out one door and I went out the other and she waited across the street while i retrieved them for her.

A few minutes later my housemate came looking for her. He knew she was upset and wanted to talk it out. I stopped him on the driveway because I wanted him to be sure of how he felt so he could be straight with her and get things straight between them.
He said he wanted to be with her but hadn't made a move because they lived in different states and that he had no interest in the girls who had come home with them.
We both knew he had sort of committed to one of the girls for the night through default and he didn't want ti face her. But she came outside looked for him!
He hid behind a car and I said that he'd had a social emergency and gone down the street. Everyone came outside and when all the girls saw they were a guy short they decided to leave, but they stood there and kept on talking while my housemate was still trapped behind the car.
I told them I was going to bed and left by way of passing my friend, I went inside and go him a black jacket for camouflage and told him to go around the back of the house because our house backs onto a second street and to go around the block to get back to my friend. "But they'll see me coming around the corner" he said. He was right, so we waited. Finally they split up and left. I got up and made sure the coast was clear and then he sprinted away to find my friend.
Still holding the jacket I put it on and went inside to where there was still guests, because I knew it would look suspicious if I came in holding a men's jacket.
"The back door was locked" I said, as that was the one I had gone to when I said good night (it wasn't, I had gone in. But they didn't know that).
"oh! you found my jacket!" Said one of my guy friends who knew what had been happening.
"Yeah when I couldn't get inside, I found it and put it on because I was cold",
"I forgot I'd left it outside"
"well, here you go. You can have it back now."

We went to my room and laughed maniacally about what good actors we were.
We had helped my housemate get away to be with the girl he loved and to let her know that yes, he did want to be with her-exclusively.
Later on in the night I snuck them back into the house so no one else would know.

If you think this is a dumb story because he should have just manned up and told the other girl he wasnt interested, think of it as a romeo and juliet-esque plot line, where theres friend sand family trying to stop them being together because of their own reasons. Other people had plans based on him staying with the girl he brought home and they were very annoyed and aggravated when he ditched them.

I'm happy to say I think they might be in a relationship now; and a more beautiful couple you never did see. xx
titterbird titterbird 22-25, F May 15, 2013

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