Anyone In Need ...

Any time, any place! At 3am - from jail - if you need to talk or have me pick you up, I'll be your phone call!! 

It's amazing how many people in my circle have this experience too, but I think that is one of the reasons that we are all here ... to help, and to be helped; to teach and learn.

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4 Responses Feb 27, 2009

I've been really messed lately. I am really uneasy, and worried and jealous, and spiteful towards Andrew.. I get freaked out if he talks or hangs out with one of his ex's, or watches ****, I honestly have a heart attack, and think he's going to see something in them..or it, that he doesn't see in me and become not as happy with me.. or grow interest in other people and leave me.. the thing is, Andrew is an extremely reliable and trustworthy person, who has great morals, values, and respect for me..and I have no reason to doubt him and I know that.. but I don't feel that. I still fume with envy and jealousy whenever he's not fully focused on me. it's sick. and I need help. I can't think this way, it's not right, and I have no reason for it. what do I do?

I do the same!

LMAO - yes, but you must know: I am ALSO the founding member of the 'I AM ALWAYS LATE' group!! you could be waiting a long, LONG time ... LOL

Hey I need a ride- could you help me out-lol