Giving Back

Ever sence I was young I had a need and a desire to help and try to give to those whom have made life easeir for me.

Such as veterians and elders -They gave their freedom for ours and theirsouls alone with it.

I will break my but to open a door or go up and say thank you,

They things they can teach us if we are only willing to listen, I make it apart of my life to take time out for them, I either ask them if they need a ride to the doc, the food store or any thing

the elders worked and seen more then we will ever see and more full of life then our twenty year olds.

I feel like the riches person on earth - when I share their lifes



tunie tunie
36-40, F
4 Responses Nov 5, 2008

That is wonderful, hopefully with your kindness to others and with warming there hearts they will pay it forward.

Very nice Tunie, a great philosophy.

thank you

Thanks for sharing. Hopefully, when you need a helping hand, your empathy for others will pay you back ten times over!