Just Basic Needs Such As Food To Eat.

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And what goes beyond through goodness in deed for others would require me writing a book with the whole point of the matter being a world of believers who do not believe or do as instructed with the reason why in the following words.

My wife and I through the past six years have been no different from any others in nonstop major difficulties and hardships from my wife’s weak heart, hunger and near homeless with only one exception; and that was our faith in God through crying out to a world of brothers and sisters because we know God is love; therefore all believers love for each other also because it’s a written commandment in John 13:34 that must be obeyed as the only way for gaining entrance into the tree of life just as written in Revelation 22:14.

So what has the past six years of love from fellow believers worldwide through at least a half million views of my hundreds of writings done for my wife and I?

Years of day to day living with many meals of fish with rice being on word of mouth credit. Years of life being a have not while getting private loans of 1000 peso that would take months to pay back because of the 20% interest – and one thousand peso is only twenty dollars. Years of being very much hated, judged, called names, cussed at and even labeled as an author for the devil by a man who teaches Christianity!

In the midst of our hard life by the grace of God, my wife became an elementary school teacher allowing her to get teacher loans through payroll deduction, so through our simple needs she would get loan after loan after loan just so we could survive being I have never had any beyond the four months work God blessed me with in the second month of 2012. But since June have had no pay.

So now what from all my brothers and sisters? For six months we have never been able to cut our grass because even a scissor type push mower is way out of our league. My main daily meals have been American or Velveeta cheese slices on crackers which was all I needed, but two weeks ago I ran out of cheese and went down to peanut butter and jelly. Several days ago the jam ran out leaving me just peanut butter, and then the crackers ran out. Being my wife is also the school treasurer, we have been borrowing daily just for the simplest needs because we also have 4 cats to feed – so now what? How can we pay the school back? It’s loan time again bringing Mylene’s monthly pay down to less than one hundred per month.

On the lot we purchased in June of last year being 2012 there was only a 20’x13’ storage building with power from the house of the owner. Because we never had a way to get our own electricity, we now owe about 10,000 peso. We owe another 5000 to a man we borrowed from for food a month ago. I was building a bamboo fence as my only pastime in life other than writing, but even my bamboo ran out plus we just have so many other hard ways of life that we have no life as being caged, yet pray always while knowing God has a purpose with a plan.

On Wednesday my wife will get her loan being only 20,000 peso or about four hundred dollars; and we already owe more than the amount, so what are we to do?

Just as always continue in our faith because that is all that keeps us going for the past six years while learning to put no trust in man, especially a world of religious people just over flowing with compassion that only condemns me for every word I write because just as my Lord Jesus Christ told me long ago, I am not one of them.

Through years past, in truth, they all made my blood to boil because my wife and I have near given the shirts off our back for others when we had anything ourselves to give while only wanting God to make a way so we can do more for others, yet God has given me such a calmness because just as those who crucified Christ, they know not what they do -- but will dearly pay a price in many ways being the colder their hearts, the more heat from God to cleanse them.

I could write an entire book titled religious cruelty; but being only God can be our help in great need, I just cast all my cares upon Him because He knows all things and will help us along with God's great payback upon all who turned their backs on those in need because God shall do exactly for them as they did for others; and that is fact with just Proverbs 21:13 for but one example a world of believers cannot see.

Would you like the only true written destiny for disobedient believers in every religion everywhere on earth? All you need is faith in reading 66 verses within Lamentations 3, and you have just gained a true education never taught by man or woman because as shepherds they feed not their flocks because they themselves know not truth.

May God help this world of believers in darkness to see His true light while it can still be found before total blackness overcomes all.

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