I Love Helping People But I Need Help Now.

im 18. yes im young but ive had my more than my fair share of hurt. i used to be so happy. everything was getting along so well. i had a perfect family, we had a good fortune, i was doing well in school, i had many friends.

then high school came. i changed a lot. i learned to say bad words cuz i thought it will gain me attention. my mom was never there to guide me. i had to learn everything on my own. and not all was right. i faltered a lot of times. i started to become conscious of my appearance. i realized im ugly and fat. it all started from there. i lost my confidence but at least i had friends and i was still doing good in school.

then college. i lost grandma who was like my real mom. i started failing in school. i chose the wrong field. i wanted psychology but i took up commerce. its so frustrating. people there are brilliant and talented. i feel useless. i started drifting away from everyone and everything.

i thought i didnt need people in my life. i was wrong. now im so alone. i dont think my old friends still want me. i need a best friend please. i need someone to talk to. thank you.
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I hope that you will have a great week! You are young. ARE you still in school? Hang in there.
Small steps towards happiness. MAybe change Majors? Best of luck......

yep. im still in school. the sad thing is im graduating. ill be dissapointing my parents so much if i change majors. i feel trapped. its so frustrating. but i think ill stick it out. ive no other choice anyway. thanks. :)

Hi MArie, I'm glad you responded. i just reread your letter.
A) THe fact that you WILL BE graduating from college --is not ' sad' ( I knew what you meant, but still...!) BUt--how can you ' be 18' and almost graduating college? HUH?
B) All those other people aren't 'brilliant and talented' ! Please don't feel useless! THat's not true.
C) About those old friends: maybe start with those you were closest to,and contact them again. Pne
at a a time. Let them know you are 'hurting', and say something like, " You know , I miss hanging out
with you, etc". AGain, small steps.......
THings CAN get better!!
Let's stay in touch.. GOod luck to you....
We'll chat more, if you'd like. I THink that it is lovely that, even feeling badly, you don't want to ' disappoint your parents' ! THat is sweet. I'
m sorry Mom isn't so great a t helping you. MAybe there can be some small changes in oyur course of study. ALso, If you go onto more schooling, perhaps you can veer towards PSYCH then....?
THere are many options. Please don't despair.
Have a good day tomorrow......

wow. thanks. yep. im 18 and graduating cuz i attended a special curriculum in elementary school. i was accelerated. thanks for letter c. yes, i think thats what i should do. i know itll be hard at first cuz you know things changed a lot and can get a little awkward. but i gotta try, right? yep, i want to stay in touch with you. youre such a nice person. thanks so much. :)))

.........."but i gotta try, right? ......."

YEP! OF COURSE!!! WHat else?!?!? right ? lol
I am smiling about your great response.

18, and you are graduating CoLLEge??! I am impressed! COngRats!

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