Hi, I live at a independent living home where i came to live when i was homeless three years ago. now I'm the manager there, (or not) it seems i keep getting fired for things people say i do or say (not true) what does one do! this has become my life. I don't know what to do ? do i move on or do i stay and try to right the wrong, It has happened so many times that it seems like a dream that keeps happening over and over. Most of all it hurts because i have grown to love it here and i love my boss it just seems she never stands up for me she believes the clients and that I don't understand you think after 3 years she have some faith in me. Most of all it hurts because the home where i live gos to hell and it only stops her from growing and being able to help others. And this is sad because homelessness is growing and this home needs to grow so that we may continue fighting for the homeless. what should i do???

mostwanted mostwanted
51-55, M
Mar 15, 2009