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I work with disadvantaged children in my community, one day i found a street girl sniffing fuel, i thought of how to help her, i greeted her and then this opened our communication, i introduced myself to her  and then gave her a brief  about what i do, later  on  she opened to and told me she was trafficked from her home village to  the  city, I asked her if i can take her back to her parents she agreed and we then arranged transport to her home area which is faraway from town, her parents were so... happy on seeing their daughter who had been lost for so many years.
robinah robinah
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4 Responses Aug 10, 2007

wow the lady had done a great job,allah may bless her. and we also should open a community so that we can help small childrens which had been trafficed 4rm their village to city..........

it's so intresting

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That sounds like very rewarding work! And obviously you are quite good at it too! :D