No Panties And Legs Wide Open.

I ALWAYS insist (that is ALL THE TIME not just some times) even when she is wearing her usual almost transparent blouse and her very short 10" long micro mini skirt that my wife sits with the soles of her feet together so that her knees are wide apart therefore forcing her legs so wide open so that I can easily see that she has no panties on.

The reason that she has no panties on is because when we met I told her straight that if she wanted us to be together for all time, she had to get rid of ALL of her underwear ie; bra's, pants, tights and socks but I did tell her to keep her stockings and suspender belts, just in case...

She just sits there with an angelic look on her beautiful face, showing me her extremely hairy thighs and *****, when we are out having a coffee or lunch/dinner.

The looks on our waiters'/waitresses' faces' when they catch sight of Carolyn exposing herself is wonderful and has in fact had the result of us having our coffee or meal for free and an added bonus has been making friends with the staff too.

The staff always give us the same round table at the centre of the back of the dining area and Carolyn sits with her back to the room so that only myself and the staff can see her showing off her 'goodies'.
hairyladieslover hairyladieslover
61-65, M
Jun 13, 2011