Unforgettable Love

its been almost a year since she decided to end it. but how do you tell the heart to forget? how do you tell it to get rid of the random memories that you shared together. the walks, the kisses, the conversations..even the fights that made making up so memeorable?

I still find myself lost sometimes because i dont know if i can live without her forever. the pain of knowing that she's now comfortable in the arms of another man is just unbearable. At the same time how do you revive a heart that wont respond to your advances? how do you revive a heart thats dead to your needs? Even though she says she still cares, will it ever be the same?

How do you tell the heart to forget?
gotsy gotsy
1 Response Jul 12, 2010

maybe we cud revive our hearts together. lets start with mouth to mouth. lol