She Was Nearly Nude!

My girlfriend and I are swingers, so we have sex regularly with others, mostly friends, but sometimes strangers (many of whom become friends.) Last Summer, we went to a big swingers' convention in New Orleans, and on the first day we joined in a special swingers' parade... we were surprised at the clothing (or, to be precise, the lack thereof) worn by the women in the parade, who were mostly others attending the same convention we were attending.  Right there on Bourbon Street, in the heart of the city of New Orleans, women were strutting down the street, many wearing nothing more than a thong and pasties, some not even wearing pasties, but just a thin coat of body paint!  We were amazed, and the sexy top my GF wore to march in the parade somehow now seemed boring by comparison.  We quickly dashed back to our hotel room, which was right on the parade route, and she changed... she ******** naked, then put on a pair of hot-pink, lacy boyshorts, then put on a mesh beach cover-up, the kind intended to be worn over a swimsuit, but she wore NOTHING beneath it but the panties.  Dressed like that, her 42DDD breasts fully visible through the mesh, we went back out to rejoin the parade.  It was amazing!
And it's not like we were sneaking around, hoping not to be seen by the police.... NO... the parade actually had police escorts!  Three young girls, who looked to be in their 20's, stopped us and spoke with us, all wearing nothing about the waist but body paint!  The parade ended at the local swingers' club, and we spent the next few hours there, where all sorts of wild sex was going on!  When we were ready to head back to the hotel, it was about 1am... and we strolled back through the city streets the 4 blocks back to our hotel, my GF now wearing NOTHING but the cover-up, because she had taken her panties off at the party, and I was now wearing them on my head, lol!  We even stopped at a coffee shop to grab a bit to eat dressed like that.  Here's an actual photo, taken after we got back to the hotel room...

A couple of days later, we spoke to a friend who said she had asked a policeman about their policy on public nudity.  She was told that as long as the ***** and anus were not visible, nor the nipples, pretty much ANYTHING else could be exposed.  Isn't New Orleans a great town?
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