Her And I

People said that love is something that no matter what age you are you will know when its true. You have this feeling about them. It makes you happy and safe. Im a warrior. Always have been. But im willing to change to her knight and protect her.

When we first started talking i liked her. And i had this feeling she liked me, but i knew that her heart was hurt and i didnt want to put anymore strain on her.  But when i had a break downi told her how i felt and she feltthe sameway. I cant belive thatthis kind of a girl exsistes, and no matter what happened to her, the past is the past, and no matter what i will protect her from it. Even if i have to Die doing it.

I love her, she strengthens me, She makes me the best i can be, And for all that its worth im glad to be her man. I love you princess.
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1 Response Aug 4, 2010

aweee... <3