I Love You Till the End of Eternity and Beyond.


   Its eight a.m. she's asleep now. She always was a night owl. Me, I'm up at the break of day, crack my eyelids and instantly awake. Her, she meanders down the steps into the kitchen, sips on coffee for an hour and finally she's alert. How is it two opposites attract?

   I remember the first time I saw her. I was sitting on the curb, you could do that back then cars didn't careen and attack like they do now.    There I sat reading my comic book, she came up the sidewalk behind me and I felt, a nudge; no more an unseen wind brushing into me, not real wind with air and gusts, a spiritual wind, distracting me pulling my attention from the throes of Stan Harris Land.

   At 11 years old I wasn't into girls and in truth my attention was momentary but I remember the moment still today.

   Years later when I mentioned it to her, she said she remembered that event. "You were the boy sitting on the bus stop curb. I thought it was the strangest place for someone to sit and when the bus came you still sat there reading that comic. I watched from the window as we pulled away."

   The next time I saw her I was with another girl. And again, my attention was diverted from the pretty thing I was with to this vision, a young woman of infinite grace and beauty.

   She was walking, writers might embellish it and say she was gliding, but I can't. She was on the other side of the street, halfway down the block, walking. Confidence exuded from her and I knew she was comfortable with herself. She was past the gawky teen-age years of self-doubt. Then she turned her back on me, not really because she didn't even see me, but she did, she turned her back on me and climbed the brownstone steps across the way opened the door and departed once again from my life.

    Tommy was a friend from the neighborhood. I'd known him for years we hung together, sometimes drank together, played the street games that were popular and grew older together. When Tommy met Yvonne he was smitten. She was all that and more. So when he asked to borrow my car to pick her up, well what are friends for?

  We agreed to meet at Aldine's Restaurant. It's still there, the nearby factories are gone, the brewery that employed so many neighborhood men is gone but Aldine's is still there. I passed it yesterday on my way to center city.

   I was sitting in the back booth, you didn't want to sit up front, too close to in and out traffic. The back booth was ideal; convenient to the necessary rooms and close to the tantalizing smells emitted from the kitchen. I'm sure you have one, the booth you feel really comfortable in.

   Tommy came in followed by two girls, Yvonne and Divinity. No her name isn't Divinity. Divinity is what I saw, a gentle swaying vision who exuded charisma and charm. My chest thudded and a jolt of joy shot through my system. They sat across from us. If I said I remembered her from those previous envisionments it'd be a lie. All I knew was that I was enthralled.

   We chatted about the inconsequentials that all strangers do, getting to know a little about the other. Who knows what we talked about? Who cares? It was the slowest passing of time; the clock was ticking backwards. She was personable, charming, witty and pleasingly sarcastic.

   When I told her, "I think I'm falling in love." She laughed leaned toward Yvonne and whispered, "What a line!"

   Yet it was shortly thereafter I spoke again, "No. I'm not falling in love. I'm in love."

   That really got her laughing; telling Tommy and Yvonne I was a real nut case. But the night didn't end and we finished our sodas and cruised the neighborhood in my car. Later I took her home. Not to the door, she asked me to drop her at the corner, so I did. But I sat there with the car idling and watched to make sure she got to her door safely.

   I could tell you so much more; of the gradual courtship, the times together and apart, the joys and the heartaches we shared and caused one another and maybe someday I will.

   Suffice it to say this month we're together thirty-seven years. We've bought our dream home, raised five children, have seven grandchildren.

    I guess she fell for the line; hook, line and sinker.     

    Me, I'm still in love and every time I look at her I still see that young vision of delight, charm and beauty.

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wow.. <br />
sounds like a strong love <br />
sounds perfect<br />
man i want that soo bad <br />
-great story too

Wow... great story... great writing! Do you mind if I steal some of it? I'm a songwriter, and what makes a good song is a few great moments - visuals. And that's what you have here.

What a delightful and inspiring story - a snapshot; a set of instances; enough to know that things were grand and not so grand, but there was always a magic of sorts. A wonderful, life and love-affirming tale!

What a charming story. Thank you :)<br />
<br />
"She was walking, writers might embellish it and say she was gliding, but I can't"<br />
Sir, you ARE a writer.<br />
<br />
I see you like Goodkind. I'm on "Pillars of creation" now :)