Ma Wee Birrd

 I love her with great passion, she brings out the very best in me and I adore everything about her……..I adore her little quirks… when she sweeps her hair behind her ear when she gets nervous….or how when speaking she expresses herself with her hands. I love her temper…the good and the bad…..*heh*…even when it’s directed at me.
And her eyes they’rebeautiful, amazing sometimes I think they're all 40 shades of green at once they're so very expressive, In Skye's eyes you see everything, you see her vulnerability her determination and her passion you really do see her soul. I look into her eyes and I loose myself.

She amazes me on a daily basis,She's in the process of movin to the otherside of the world so we can be together,She is the only person I have ever wanted to spend my life with.We sat up talking last night about when we used to be together back in Scotland and she told me for the first time ever that she had seen me in a club dancin before we actually met.She told me that she wanted to meet me because I was dancin like I was the only one in the room unlike some of my friends who had been dancin for attention.Then when she did meet me in the doorway of the bar I was workin at she chickened out.

She is so beautiful sometimes I wake up in the night and she has a cheeky wee grin on her face like she's up to no good in her sleep.She smiles at me and my heart almost stops, when she smiles she does this thing where her tongue is tucked in behind her teeth and it just makes me weak.She has this fantastic body, real curves that make me want to cry sometimes.


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It sounds like your in love and I think that is great! I wished I had a love like that one! I hope for the best for both of you. Thanks for sharing :)

thank you friend for the great story!!