Herbal tea is fantastic. I have a range of teas in my cupboard. I very rarely drink the normal basic tea anymore.
I have green tea, peppermint, dandelion, white (herbal), chamomile, fennel, nettle - the list goes on!
Whenever I have a stomach upset, I sip on peppermint - it is fantastic in easing it.
Green tea I just drink every day - the benefits are never ending.
In fact, every herbal tea has so many benefits in so many different areas. It's becoming more popular which is good to see. Bring back the old ways of medicine - from nature!
FairyCandy FairyCandy
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

I wasnt a fan of herbal teas, but after trying out Kuding Tea from herbalfront.coza ,cant stay away from it, it relieved me from a migrane that had been bothering me for years, and its quiet good for the eyes,for people who spend lots of time using computers.

I just started drinking Chamomile tea. I usually have Asthma attacks every now and then before I go to bed. I am hoping that this tea relaxes my body so I dont have to keep pumping steroids into my system. So far, so good :)