Aman Making Love To A Woman With Big Prnis

I met a beautiful woman a a casino in vegas.she had a great body an figure.She asked me to come up to her hotel and foool around,She took my pants off and started to give me oral it felt great. About 15 minutes later and 3 drinks she she laid down on the bed on the bed and started to rub her big breasts and she asked me to tak her mini skirt off. What a surprize I got. wanting to be with a woman like her.I went down and started to suck her. I was so turned on. It felt great in my mouth. I wanted her to give me anal and she did. I was so fat but i took it allwe made love for about 3 hours and it was the best sex I ever had. She ********** on my face and I loved it. I could not brlieve how much ***** came out. I could not wait to see her the next nite.
cgabrus cgabrus
4 Responses Dec 9, 2011

I want to meet a hermaphrodite and marry her.

Lucky man. That's my fantasy

You are a very luck fellow!!! I wish I had that experience.

i am jealous too. i want the same.