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Why Quit, It Makes Life Awesome!

I've been doing heroin for 5 years, and opiates for 8. I don't understand people hate for this drug. We are brainwashed since kindergarden to hate it, but it has made my life so much better.

I think the main reason why I have not fallen into the pits of despair that many too for one maine reason: I won't, and will not play with needles.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, that is an IV addict that I have known lives have been destroyed by their addiction.

Sure, I don't get as much bang for my buck, but I don't have an arm that looks like I have contracted leprosy.


I just graduated college with my Bachelors degree inspite of doing heroin the entire time, and inpite of being the laziest person you might ever meet. But if not for the heroin, my life would have been so unenjoyable.

Heroin simply is instant pleasure, if only everyone knew its joy; the world would be a better place.

Alcohol kills more people than all illegal drugs combined, and its high is due to the fact that it is toxic to every tissue in the human body.


Heroin is not toxic to the body at all, only the route of administration and contaminates causes damage to the body. Withdrawals are the evil that accompanies heroin, and because society has made this drug illegal and expensive we are forced to endure this torture all too often.

I encourage everyone to use heroin, you will realize what chemical is best for recreation. Stop your stupor inducing heroin, and enjoy life to its fullest.

If you haven't done heroin, you haven't experienced the true pleasure life has to offer. You can't know what you are missing, the ability to reward yourself with a feeling that is undeniably life altering. If only you knew what living was like, you will never know pleasure as we users know.

We know what life has to offer, and you non-users are missing the greatest pleasure in the world. I pity you.

jakevalentine jakevalentine 22-25, M 62 Responses Oct 15, 2009

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I just wrote a whole **** load then joined and it disappeared. But in short I love it too but hate the sickness. Everything I should stop for is everything that makes me want to get high. Im WHOLE HEARTEDLY IN LOVE WITH IT. I just got out of detox and did it 4 days in a row, I know I'm pushing it....but **** money is about to be in my hands....DAMN But I feel exactly the way you do, the way it tastes in my veins, the high feeling and nodding out.

I love you bro... Idk who you are but you sound like me and my brother.. You da man!!

I tend to agree with the OP on the subject. H gets a very bad rep and is looked upon similar to Crack which truly is a terrible drug.

Here in Wisconsin everyone and there mother is guzzling beers as soon as they can walk and honestly I find the whole thing disgusting and tasteless. Once in a while, I like to get drunk as well but most of the population here make it a requirement about twice a week and truthfully I just don't have the stamina for it. Most times I do drink, I pretty much get a blinding headache by about the 3rd or 4th Gin and Tonic and unless I keep pounding them down without reason it will be a terrible brain pounding night. In my case I assume the headache is still there but by the time I have 8 drinks I am so dulled I barely notice anything. Of course for me this all comes with the added benefit of feeling like utter dog **** for at least the next two days and really is not worth it unless I have no choice, (as in I am required to go to an all day or night event where if I dont drink I will be my normal ackward self).

On the other hand, I can take opiods whenever I feel and with a small easy dose I feel great. I get the same great feeling of being drunk without the being retarded part. All of my usual pain is instantly gone and as an added benefit I become much more enjoyable to be around. Of course the downside to Opiod's is that tolerance builds rapidly and whether your taking Vicodin prescribed from your doctor or shooting H you are constantly increasing your dose to ineffectively aim for those earlier feelings. Again, I am sure this is where people with addictive personalities or people who are not in control of their lives in general run into issues with Opiods. It is a given there will be many deaths from stupid people utilizing a powerful and in some circumstances dangerous drug. I am not sure why so many people choose not to use the internet as a resource when it comes to taking drugs. For example, If quit taking H for a while and go cold turkey and you go back to it be cautious. What harm is there in taking a relatively small dose and feeling out where your tolerance is at after your break? Or if you are taking prescription medicine and you know you are running out soon, have some sense and restraint and slowly decrease your dose. Sure it is fun to take 5 10mg Vicodin but when you see you are getting low taper your regular dose down as going cold turkey is an utter **** feeling but can be easily mitigated by just tapering down for a few days.

Really???????? I can't believe you are advertising this. Please read what you wrote. You love heroin- hasn't affected you negatively as you have a cologne degree. Explain how the benefits of knowing that if you don't get your next fix you will be sick!!!!! I would say you don't have as much control as you think. Watch your self as it is not only those who use IV have problems but those who use other ways as we'll. do some research on the effects heroin has on your brain too You may say I have a degree but. ...... What about long term? How's your sleep? Energy level? Relationships- personal and family? What about finances- if only you could have what you spent? Oh the list goes on and on. I pray people don't listen to you as I see the truth of the negative consequences everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like a demon that lives inside of us for the rest of our lives. Learn to control yours. Go for help build sober support and change people places and things before it's too late!

Dude, I totally agree with you. I look around at all the people I know who do it and I am just so confused. They are all broke as **** and losers. I have been using for four years and I am about to graduate college... have a pretty good job for now until i graduate... have a nice house that I pay all the bills on... have a new car... have extra money. Although i would have MORE extra money if I didnt do drugs but whatever. It helps me not want to kill everyone and go crazy. Plus not to mention it's really NOT DEATH and people say. If you smoke it, it is LITERALLY 100% impossible to overdose. I mean maybe if you smoked a million grams and fell out when you were nodding.... or were on some pills or something at the time. Not to mention people who shoot usually only overdose because they QUIT! They quit, do it again, and do as much as they use to which causes them to die... so as you said why quite lol. I mean I guess quite if you're the homeless dude on the side of the street? It's pretty pathetic to me how they blame the drugs. It's totally possible to be a functioning drug addict who is stable. "ooh it's a disease" ... yea because some disease made me try black for the first time. Righhttt. Rehabs just know addicts like to blame someone else, so they allow them to, just for the sake of them staying clean. I wrote this really fast and didn't look over it... so if i made hella typo's please just stfu. I swear, I can see a few comments like... you really should quit cause you spell like an idiot or something along those lines. So **** off

NOT TO MENTION! I am still the same good person I was before. I have legit never stolen from someone... never did anything that i wouldn't before I started using... people just cant handle their ****... which means they shouldn't do it.
Even more so I look totally normal. I think I actually look better than I started using because it made me lose a lot of weight. I don't look like a crackhead or anything but I am smaller. When people find out I use they are like perplexed.

nigga u an addict get sum help(more heroin ;) )

Man I'm right where ur at but I do Iv. My arms don look to bad because I use a new needle every time. I have an *** degree in culinary arts and am currently attending college for physics and quantum mechanics. Yay for people who use h to their advantage. If u let the drug take over ur life then its ur fault not the drugs

People, lets not glorify the things that ruin lives, families and are children's future. The fact you are supporting this thread is disturbing. I am not trying to be critical, I understand the struggles of addiction, but Jesus, lets not glorify it. Please!!!!!!

ive been using opiats for more then 5 years started with the vicodin and im sitting here high on heroin right now. the heroin didnt come in ustil just recently. there is no denying the terrible cons of using heroin, of wich there is more than there is pros, but im a firm believer on the fact that if you can use this drug responsibly then the pros outwigh the cons, until you come to withdraws but thats a differenty story. truly heroin and opiates in general make life much more fulfilling while high on them, but once they are taken away the low seems to have no bottom. as i have once heard people dont know rock bottom til they get there but seem to never realize there i no bottom other than death. now i cant say that i have seen this bottom, of coarse, because my opiate use hasent gotten me there, yet. i have yet to loose everything that i hold dear to myself, i have a job, house , life, respect (in a sense), and a woman, but i dont lie to myself in the sense tht i might loose all of this one day to her (heroin/opiates). even tho i love this drug with all m heart i am right there with other in saying i would never wish this affliction upon even the hatted of my enemies, but then again i did choose to do do this to myself, at wich i believe is my right.
yes this drug can make life the best it can be, but it can all be taken away in an instant and take you to a living hell.
buut until then she walks with me hand in hand, never to let go.

What is this? This notice tells me to speak with support and respect, but I am utterly incapable of doing so. Heroin is death. It and it's various other opiate counterparts are plaguing my county. We've over 117 deaths in the last year, double that of the previous. And for 2014 we have already have over 20. If you genuinely don't believe that your life would be worth living or would be less than enjoyable without the regular use of HH... You're life is probably not actually worth living.. Sober happy is the best happy. I've personally done so many different types of drugs, ranging from opiate to methamphetamine. But I'd never defend them. They're all death in their own way. Seek pleasure in yourself, not through heroin. This article should be erased immediately, as it's a bad influence for anyone that is young and ignorant to the effects and addictions that come with this poison. No more heroin. We've lost so many friends here. Ocean County NJ. RIP to 117 dead.

Id like to slap the **** out of you, your a fcking moron, oh wow 117 deaths because of heroin. No its because people dont know the dosage they are getting, if it was regulated that wouldnt be a problem. Anyway by your logic we need to ban cars also because there are 1000s of deaths by vehicle accidents each day. So by this morons logic we need to ban cars. Dude stfu and go back under the rock you live under

Id like to slap the **** out of you, your a fcking moron, oh wow 117 deaths because of heroin. No its because people dont know the dosage they are getting, if it was regulated that wouldnt be a problem. Anyway by your logic we need to ban cars also because there are 1000s of deaths by vehicle accidents each day. So by this morons logic we need to ban cars. Dude stfu and go back under the rock you live under

Id like to slap the **** out of you, your a fcking moron, oh wow 117 deaths because of heroin. No its because people dont know the dosage they are getting, if it was regulated that wouldnt be a problem. Anyway by your logic we need to ban cars also because there are 1000s of deaths by vehicle accidents each day. So by this morons logic we need to ban cars. Dude stfu and go back under the rock you live under

Seriously? You really need to re-evaluate your view upon heroin. I've been battling this addiction for my entire adult life and honestly I would never wish this affliction upon my worst enemy. Sure, the high and effects are second to none: I can't dispute that which is the result of me still being a junkie to this very moment even after quitting successfully so many times I've lost count only to relapse each time and find myself caught up in an uncontrollable mind frame.
This drug is no joke, and from experience I have seen nothing good come from it. Continued use has only brought me nothing and brought me to lose everything. Absolutely everything; not only everything material but also everything else that can be lost will be lost: friends, family, relationships, health, respect, jobs, self worth, motivation, dreams, ultimately your spirit, I believe it actually robs you of your soul cos there were many times I have gave up on life. Sure being on heroin can motivate you and make you do a lot of things and make life so much better but the consequences soon follow and the results from using send you to see rock bottom, and it is extremely hard to crawl out from that dark place cos life just seems so f'd up at that point you just want to stay there and not see the destruction you've caused in your life so you remain a junkie for a while until when you really hit rock bottom and have no other choice but to force your way back up. The hard part is when you do regain some normality back in your life will you be able to withstand the temptations thrown your way? I've found it impossible. No matter the amount of times of endured cold turkey and told myself I will never shoot up again and **** up my life I just can't help but dabble again, thinking a taste here and there won't get me into trouble and it always starts like that. I dabble and have it under control and think this is so good, I don't hang out now and I'm saving heaps of money cos a bit gets me smashed and then all of a sudden I find myself unable to function and sick as a dog and fearing the nights of withdrawal. And then when there's obligations where I need to function normally like work I find I need to continue using which just continues a bloody cycle. And then the cycle just continues until I will lose my job and hit rock bottom again and I will have to quit and rebuild my life once again. I'm so stupid in not learning from my mistakes but the addiction is so strong it just feels as tho I am actually possessed by a drug demon sometimes. I recommend anyone using to put a stop to it and realise it is just a toxic, devastating lifestyle to lead and it will ultimately make you lose everything in life and you may even be unlucky enough to even lose your life from it.

You're an idiot. I'm a recreational heroin user myself, I've been using on and off for 3 years. I'm high as balls right now, in fact, but I would - NEVER - recommend that anybody use heroin. People like us are lucky. People like us are able to maintain a healthy recreational amount of heroin. Nine out of ten people are not.

Stigma exists for a reason. Heroin isn't labelled as the devil's drug for nothing; if you haven't seen your friends plummet into the depths of a heroin addiction then you're lucky. Just because you're able to get a handle on the most powerful recreational drug doesn't mean that everybody can, and if you're pushing heroin onto other people then you're pushing them towards a potentially ruined life.

Enjoy your drugs but for god's sake grow up a bit before you start spewing out nonsense like this.

And in response to all the prior commenters who have clearly never tried opiates, for those who base their opinions off of preconceived stigma and prejudice: you can also grow up.

Just because the media tells you that the government's looking out for your best interests, should you believe them? No. Because the media tells you that heroin users are all junkies, are all thieves, and are all immoral losers, should you believe them? No.

Wow, I can't believe I'm getting so worked up about this on the interwebs. Prejudice = fail

Lots of songwriters i love are / were users of H. In the navy i was a corpsman on a ship. 2 friends & i moved to the beach. One day a bunch of expired morphine was thrown out; my friend harvested it & we had enough for awhile. We did it IM / needle in a muscle, not a vein. That was awhile back. i have never been addicted to coke, crack, meth, alcohol, haven't smoked tobacco in 10 years; i smoke very little weed; had some good & not-so-great trips on acid, & several good daze on 'rooms. i don't have an addictive personality & know i can handle very occasionally smoking H. +=+ i read popular & classic novels, several at a time, & enjoy most every kind of music. i am taking care of my loving father who is dying; and after this is over i am going to find a Source, and start back with songwriting & painting, both of which i was prolific in years ago. And make a break with blogging about newz & politix, with which i am bored. +=+ i hope jake valentine is doing well & i am zero-interested in hearing from / about people who got sick because they decided to use every day & several times daily. { i'd appreciate hearing from long-time users who are Happy & Healthy } best wishes to All in our warring, violent, devolving society & on our dying planet =+= peace =+= love =+= joy =+= forever =+=

Yes! Everyone should use heroin. LOL. You're a tard.


Yes. Nobody understands us functioning users... Heroin helps me. It's pure bliss. It's one of the few things that Ive ever completely fallen, and stayed, in love with. I'm a better person when I'm using, because I'm happier, kinder, even more productive. People are dumb. In America we can literally eat ourselves to death. People don't judge others for being morbidly obese or for having diabetes when they are cramming toxins down their throats in the form of McDonald's burgers and candy, but if you tell someone you like to smoke some h throughout the day people assume you are a bad person. You. can be sent to jail for selling someone heroin, but parents can abuse their children's health by feeding them crap, with absolutely no legal repercussions. People need to learn to prioritize, and learn the difference between right and wrong.

You are crazy!!! My brother OD's on heroin and and it's ruined our family, and for you to say its so pleasurable and ok to do you are asinine and for hopefully for your families sake i hope they dont have to go through what my family has been through. Its only a matter of time before it catches up to you... Good luck dum dum

It may all seem like fun, if heroin is lifes ultimate pleasure the withdrawls are lifes ultimate torture,breaking the habit is the best thing I ever done in my life. Period. I don't hate anyone for what they do pissedoffmofo, if they aren't hurting anyone in the process then there's no problem, some of the users I know were amongst the kindest most down to earth people you could ever meet and further more not all of them were untrustworthy like you claim. A friend I know who still uses helped me get a job, quit daily use and get my life back on track, she used to feed me when I had no food and help me in so many other ways, nicest person you could ever meet AND a recreational opiate user, these people are to be pitied not despised, I also pity you, all human beings deserve the benefit of the doubt no matter their lifestyle choices you can't lump all heroin users together anymore than you can muslims or black people.

dude I HATE you and I hate recreational opiate users (the ones who really do have chronic pain I forgive)you're all ****** up in the head, untrustworthy, and a piece of ****, You lie constantly even about **** that's not related to the drug you kill people just for the drug and opiates are probably the cause for many of the worlds problems even if people don't admit it. Just **** you... go OD somewhere ya ***** all you bastards do is screw people over and talk so highly about getting your next fix whether be in heroine or tabs or some codiene based bullshit.

tab fix lol good one man

I used in my teen years and through college. Shot and I just wore long sleeves :) (and no I didn't share needles like a dumb *** they are about the cheapest and easiest ******* thing to get) . Thing is I used but didn't abuse. Your right its damn fun people just have different chemistry that seperates use to addiction.

When I quit cigs though I felt like breaking everything so I can understand addiction but when I quit heroin or work yeah I had some symptoms but nothing world ending.

People like to damn something and yes this is so ******* awesome your more button is liable to get stuck on but you know what that happens with everything. Alcohol,cigs,food for some people who gorge themselves into an immobile slug (for what the sensation of taste...yeah expand your horizons!?).

People ruin their lives and all those around them over MATERIAL ******* ****. Women who would sell the enamel off their kids teeth for the 500th $200 red dress, gambling, cars, figurines...point is sure the chemicals play a role in addiction and all the drama people bring into it but that role is dwarfed by your internal emotive personality which makes the vehicle you choose meaningless because hell it could be some fried chicken that triggers your demise if thats what your running on.

We are all different and no one can tell you how anything can really effect until unless you dare to try. Good fortune or **** luck. Or do nothing and cower in the corner like a cowering duck while the stress gets ya. Such is life.


My heart goes out to you, you stupid little man. You keep saying the pleasure it gives you, but then on the other you r locked in its claws of withdrawals every second of the day. Which in your own words you say is horrendous.
How can something so fantastic make u feel so **** u'd kill yourself for your next hit.
Life is fantastic with out your numbing drug- meeting new people, getting married, haven kids, holidays, sunsets, suba-diving, eating chocolate marshmallows of sticks around a fire. Long walks on the beach, cuddles in bed, seen your kids happy smiling, kissing, running with wind in your hair. I could go on and on but with you if you couldn't get your next hit where would you the horrors, good luck with the rest of your fake " happy life"
But no thanks I won't be trying heroin.

<p>To you people who are judging this guy, what gives you the right? All Americans are addicted to something, for most it is simply food, being a fat slobbering pig who thinks about food all day is just as bad as being an alcoholic, junkie, etc. Most Americans are addicted to coffee as well, which is two steps away from cocaine (I would know I did a lot of coke) and smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol all the time, you people are absolutely not any better than people like us who use heroin or other opiates recreationally, you just have a different vice. And all that matters is what type of person you are, if you are a good person who doesnt harm anybody and is a nice/generous person in general but like to do heroin, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Alcohol is 100% or 200% (I honestly don't know the exact amount but look it up yourself) more dangerous and destructive to your body and your brain, alcohol is POISON, you feel drunk because you are being POISONED, heroin is non toxic and non neurotoxic, it does little to no damage to your body or brain, so stop judging and understand the science of the drug and that not all people who you would consider a "junkie" are immoral people. The way heroin makes me feel is nothing short of astounding, I feel like a hero who can do anything I wish. That is where heroin got it's name from originally, people who used it thought it made them feel heroic so they named it heroin, simple but perfectly accurate. I graduated from a good college with a 3.8 gpa as well and have a very good paying accounting job, so tell me where heroin has ruined my life, if anything it has made me happy which allows me to do well in my career and the sports I play, helped me get great grades in college, etc. It has helped my life, not hurt it, and I am not the only one, there are a lot more of us than you think. If you stay in control of your use, and don't allow your tolerance to go up, heroin can be a great recreational drug, just like people who smoke weed once in awhile, just a better feeling drug.</p>

I am in the exact same boat as you bro, I insufflate instead of IV and I only use between 5 or 6 days a month, so roughly 60-70 days a year, and I do not rob, steal, or do anything shady to get my stuff. Luckily for me I know a dealer who never cuts his stuff or gets low quality stuff (maybe once or twice a year it may not be great), and usually it is really good quality stuff. Heroin is really not bad on your body at all (clean or normal cut heroin), yes street heroin contains cut of course and has things like vinegar, caffeine, laxatives, calcium, etc etc etc, but most of the cut in it is harmless and you feel no effects of them. IV use of heroin is bad news though, all of my friends who were once like me (sniffers) who graduated to the needle lost control of their use and most ended up in detoxes many times and on suboxone or methadone or are just full blown junkies to this day. So to anybody contemplating trying heroin, if you are a person who can control their desires and want to try a life altering drug, then I would recommend to try it. To anybody who knows that they have an extremely addictive personality and/or are manic in nature, they stay away from the drug, because once you get addicted and take it to far, i.e. shoot up, then your life will never be the same.

Before attacking the poster, think for a minute people, damn, JUST for a minute...<br />
Did he ever defend robbing or killing for heroin? No, he merely stated that heroin is one of the greatest sources of pleasure on Earth (and, sorry, but he IS right. And whatever you say wont change it). Many people are little monsters inside, one day that monster will find a way out (better sooner than later) and the trigger can be heroin, sure, just like it can be a lot of things. Don't blame is goal, blame the monster inside him. In fact, if heroin wasn't so pricey, due mainly because it is kept illegal, money wouldn't become such an issue anyway, and a trigger to further problems (ironic, right?). So, to end, if the question is "are non-users missing on a great thing?" YES! But they have the right to keep not using... if only they could accept those who think otherwise. i think that would be the first step to a more tolerant world.

As a mom who has been watching my beautiful boy destroy his life since he was thirteen. I am still trying to understand. He started using after seeing it in a movie at a friends house. They went to a park the next day and he just thought hey that guy looks like he will have some. They asked and wham! He was hooked. Sounds like something in a slum huh? Nope it was some suburban 17 yr old that was introduced to it by a 20 yr old. We did not know for a while. When going through withdrawal one day he ran for knives to kill his father because we sent him to his room.... That was the first time we had to call the police. By the age of 15 he was arrested for actually trying to kill me for not giving him money. So at what age should we start the world on it... Now my son is in prison and I actually sleep better. It was never the high. He was wonderful on it... We were just not willing to support his habit. I think this would be a very expensive family activity. Oh. Did I mention he is 20 now and dying from his behavioral choices. Was I a bad mom? Hmmm. I guess homeschooling him and no....I did not do that to seclude him from the world but to have the freedom to experience the world traveling and enjoying life. I guess taking him to church And singing with him in the car... Dancing with him in the living room. Staying up at night with him when he was sick. Teaching him to read and scuba dive was no completion for this drug. I love my son more than life itself and found myself committed to hospital due to the stress and anxiety of watching him die. Heroin stole my beautiful son and I truly believe that the people who sell to anyone are as bad as child molestors ....when someone sells they don't know who that dope is going into....and they dont care. I am visiting my dying son through glass. Wow. Every mom's dream. I am happy you were able to graduate from college. I never had the pleasure of watching my incrediably gifted boy graduate from highschool.

u make me sick

you silly little person, yay for you you managed to do your degree but to be hobest university isnt real life. most people start by chasing the dragon you are not to be applauded because you havent moved onto needles (YET) you live in a dream world id like to see you write the same thing again in 5 years time. Im pretty sure any future partner you have will have something to say about your recreational dablling in heroin lol. At least you made me laugh you moron get a grip before it gets a grip of you but by the sound of your drug addled fuzzy happy place brain it already has!!!!

"If you haven't done heroin, you haven't experienced the true pleasure life has to offer. You can't know what you are missing, the ability to reward yourself with a feeling that is undeniably life altering. If only you knew what living was like, you will never know pleasure as we users know.<br />
We know what life has to offer, and you non-users are missing the greatest pleasure in the world. I pity you."<br />
<br />
I find this quote terrifying. That **** will steal your soul.<br />
I'm gonna argue that if you are addicted to heroin, you can no longer experience the true pleasure that life has to offer. <br />
I've tried IV heroin myself. It's pleasant, nice and cosy, but the true joys and highs that life has to offer and fill you up with are infinitely greater than any drug. I pity the **** out of you if you've lost sight of that. There is absolutely no comparison between real love and happiness and the godless, empty love that heroin provides for the user. That **** will never make anyone truly happy.

I never tried, never wanted to try. I was married to an addict and he never wanted me to try: he died at 35. Can't be that good.