Something Was Missing In My Life - It Was Hetalia.

My life before Hetalia was just a pale shadow of the bright, happy life I have today. That sounds pretty extreme, but just having something so awesome, so funny, that I love so much, it gives me more confidence in dealing with people, because I know when I get home I can watch Hetalia, or read a couple strips, or talk to my friends or brother about it; so who cares if I get a bad test grade or someone is rude to me?

In 08, everyone I knew online was talking about Hetalia. It really irritated me, because I figured it would be stupid and I'd have to hear about it forever. I attempted to ignore it for a little while, but with so many people I respected recommending it, I had to give it a shot and try the scans. I. Was. Hooked. I got into the fandom, participated (I'm usually just a shy lurker) and talked to people, and made a lot of great friends through Hetalia. I honestly don't think you can be a Hetalia fan and be a truly bad person.

And even better, it cemented my love of history. I'd always been interested in and liked it, but I hadn't realized it to such an extent until I watched Hetalia. Now I want to major in History in college.

I love Hetalia, it's one of the best things to happen to me. Haters can hate.
Lasciel Lasciel
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1 Response Aug 14, 2010

I ignored it too x'D It was probably the stupidest decision I've ever done, because it honestly has taught me so much and has brought a bunch of happiness to me. I never liked history, but Hetalia has made me like it quite a bit. :3