Flats Are Boring

I know flats seem to be the in thing lately, but I still wear heels every chance that I get. Every time I am out, if I pass a shoe store, I will go in to see what they have on sale. I saw a pair last night and pretty much all I have been doing today is imagining wearing them and matching them in my mind with outfits. People say all the time how they hurt your feet, which is true, but they make me feel very feminine and I am so used to them, I think I am more comfortable wearing them than flats, despite the occassional pain.

They also make me feel more attractive and I like the way guys look at my legs when I wear them. Walk into a room and watch their eyes go to your breast then your calves, then your shoes. Flats are just functional and do not come with that built in boost to confidence (as well as height).

Beauty is important to mental health, which is often times neglected by people who obsess over physical health. I think the two are related.

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5 Responses Jun 2, 2012

i don't know how to think like a woman but I think flats are good for your joints and you won't end up hurting your joints like me.

I'm so happy there are still women in this world who love heels!

I always look at womens' feet - flats or heels or boots doesn't matter - but I HATE Uggs

You make the world a better place in those heels, dear lady.

I couldn't agree with you more. I think it's a sad state of affairs when women everywhere are wearing ugly/unattractive flats - LAME! The only thing worse is when women wear those horrid chuck-taylor converse - yuck! (Ladies, leave the chucks for your hipster boyfriends.) In terms of shoes/feet, few things are so sexy and attractive as a women in heels that show off her beautifully manicured toes and feet. The higher the arch, the better. And yes, if a woman is wearing a dress/skirt, flats totally kill the attractiveness effect.