The Power Of Stilettos

I love sky high heels, especially sky high stiletto heels. As an avid cyclist I have very firm legs and love the look that wearing sky high heels gives my legs.

And what I love even more is the power that wearing sky high stilettos gives me. When I walk down a hall, an isle or through a room full of people I love the sound of my stiletto heels as their click echos through the room. The sound that every man knows and will turn to look at when they hear it. And when they see me perched up on top of my 5 inch stiletto heels and my firm legs encased in silky sheer nylon their eyes will be glued on me watching my every step as my hips sway back and forth because of the sky high stilettos I am wearing. They will watch me as I walk confidently my firm legs glistening from the sheer hose I am wearing. They will watch me until I am out of sight drooling over what they see, some may even try to follow from a distance not wanting to loose their view of my sexy legs perched high over those stilettos.

I will be smiling knowing what I have done, the power I have over them because of my stilettos.
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you described the magic so perfectly! I am truly weakened by the sight of lovely legs strutting in stilettos! So much so that I bought a pair for mousy sales girl I noticed had lovely soft skin, beautiful eyes behind ugly glasses. She was amazed at how much wearing those heels made her feel. It had never ocurrerd to her that she had great legs that would draw attention to her.
After that I went ahead and paid for her to get contact lenses and a full makeover at a salon. It changed her life! Now she is a confident socially active woman. I am rather proud of what I did!

Wow, you took the words right out my mouth. Thanks for sharing.

love your has done something to stir my loins below...I would love to see you walking in some tall stilettoes and hose slowly now....mmmm

You had me at hello. That sound is the most intoxicating thing that my brain is hardwired to obey! You are so right, women in heels are the best! I think there should be a dress code enforced with all women required to wear heels!

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

Thank you Sherry I am glad that you like it.

You're welcome.

I would argue that it's the combination of the nylons and heels. I've often turned to that sound hoping to see the strong calf muscles clad in nylon gracefully moving away from me. Of course I enjoy them more if they are walking toward me for a rendezvous.

Yes I do agree with you, the sound of the heels will turn heads and the hosiery will keep them looking as long as they can.

It's funny because even when I'm in the presence of my fiance the sound alone can almost always get my head to turn.

I have noticed many men with their ladies look when they hear my heels :-)

Very true story :)

And I love it!

i agree.

Don't we know it!