Love Stiletto Heels

I started out with a pair of 3 inch heels and as I got used to them I started moving up with higher and higher heels. My favorite heels are stiletto heels, there is just something about a pair of shoes with a pencil thin heel elevating you 5 inches above your normal height. I love being able to walk on such a thin heel and the sway it adds to my walk. Stilettos are the best.
KimmiCD KimmiCD
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

You realize that your actual raised height is only the distance the ankle is lifted. The higher the heel, the more the ankle starts positioning forward rather than up. To check your height difference, put a piece of tape on your ankle joint and then make a mark on the tape as close to the center of the leg part of the ankle joint. Measure from that mark to the floor when barefooted and then in your highest non platform heels or subtract the thickness of the platform from the measurement of your highest platform heels. Although the higher heels will still look and feel fantastic, the change from a 4 inch heel to a 5 inch does not add that much more to your over all height, as did the zero to 4" heels, and with 5" to 6" even less added.
However, you are so right about the attractiveness of the pencil thin heels, as long as they are supporting under the heel of the foot and not at the back of the heel of the shoes.