Closet Cross Dresser Loves Heels

I love heels,  women are ultra sexy wearing heals.  As a cross dresser I love to wear heels and recently bought some for myself.  It is a small challenge but starting slow and defined movements rock my world, add a dress, pantyhose and I feel so alive and desireable to my grirfiriend
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6 Responses Jul 25, 2010

you are so lucky! I would love to meet a woman who would approve of my love of high heels and high heel boots!

It's a real shame that DVD's killed midnight showings of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", where not only did you get to wear lovely things in public once a week, but sometimes were rewarded handsomely for doing so. <br />
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Today, I saw a woman in a tight, satiny dress in nude, shiny pantyhose and black pumps with 4" stilettos; my heart skipped a beat with aching envy.

of course, silly! wearing heels at home, is like wearing cotton panties. no reason or pleasure. there's nothing like being out somewhere, walking in a pair of heels and wearing a short flippy skirt or mini-dress. talk about putting a smile on your face!? just wait until a little breeze sends some air up your skirt and into your moist pantied crotch. you better be wearing a pretty lacy slip or frilly panties, because you'll love walking and feeling how your heels raised your rear butt cheeks enough to look soooo cute, to whomever is walking behind you and catching a glimpse as your skirt flips up with each step. :)

Wearing heels always puts a smile on my face like nothing else, especially wearing them out.

yes, there's something about going out and about in heels. it's like when you are getting dressed to go out, and you finish with putting on some parfume. heels are the finishing touch to enjoying life in the feminine way. my wife gets much pleasures seeing me dressed. in fact, when we first met, i was living 24/7 as a t-gurl. so, i've never had to quit, just transition, when the kids came along.

Yes, as a transexual I agree.