Too Many Pairs, Too Few Occasions

I have far too many pairs of heels, but I can't stop buying them - I love them - the shape, the femininity, the variety of style/height/colour etc etc.

It is just that now, I have no many pairs, some of them just don't get worn!  I wear heels almost every time I go out to the pub/ club but everyday usage is unfortunately not an option - coming from a small village in my home county, and being at uni with extraordinarily steep hills! :( 

However, I love the way they make my already disproportionately long legs ( I mean they are literally twice the length of my body - I look like an alien half the time!) look even longer and thinner - bonus!


sapphiresky sapphiresky
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7 Responses Dec 18, 2007

There are always too little occasions to wear my heels, but I'm starting to not give a hoot. I'm now having fun putting together outfits with my heels and wearing them to class. If anyone has a problem with it, let them deal! I didn't buy all those pairs of adorable and sexy shoes just for them to sit in the closet!

how high do u wear them??? do u have any pics???

Oh man I know exactly how you feel! School is over a few hills for me, and I really barely have any occasions to wear them to!

You sound awesome!!!! Girls in heels just drive me crazy, I so wish you were my GF; I assume you are no where near New York City LI as we don't have hills lol

I love my heells, too, as they also accent my legs. My husband was 6'2" and and am 5'3" and my legs were longer than his, Heels look dynamite of me, I have been told.,

Lucky cow; I need my heels to give the ilusion of endless legs. Keep buying babes! x

There is something about a pair of heels that makes you feel like a lady...pretty and demanding respect.

I like that about heels as well,, what else I like about heels are men are putty in the presence of a woman in heels--- I want new ear-rings, new dress, A NEW CAR,, all I have to do is tell my husband what I want and that night wear a pair of heels to bed,, I'll have my gift by lunch tomorrow!! :)