High Heels Make Me ***

just thinking about high heels, seeing pictures of feet in heels or me slipping on a pair makes me so horny I have to ********** and ***.
krystals krystals
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8 Responses Sep 9, 2010

I absolutely love high heels, especially stilettos with a nice high spike! If I'm honest it really makes me horny seeing women struggling on the street or models wobbling in their footwear on the catwalk!!! Drives me nuts seeing a gorgeous girl fall down in her ******* sexy shoes. Loud ones are the best too plenty of attention and gives me the chance to get a good view. Step wobble, totter, crash!!! Your faces ladies....so hot picking yourself up with cute embarrassed blushes. God damn sexy shoes. Get your six in spikes on! Mmmm

High heels were the icing on the cake. They complete a sensuous look and feel. I especially like open strappy heels showing the reinforced toe of both seamed and RH&T stockings. Red toes finishes off the picture............yummy!

I have a strong hi heel fetish . I developed as a child, raised by a bevy of aunts, Mom , and grandmom all spike heel wearing take charge women.I love the look feel smell of them I have *********** on them into them. I have been forced to lick them clean, including the soles. I have had the spike heels shoved up my ***<br />
Love those spike heels.

I just love high heels. Makes me feel all girly and slutty and I love being a ****!! I love sucking **** and getting nailed in them. With the right shoes I would give it up anywhere!!!

I would love to *** in a pair of heels, and watch a woman wear em. loves it, when i see a girl in 4 inch heels. would love if they wear em when having sex

I'd love to see you in a pairof sexy heels!!

i cant get enough pairs of heels they are the sexiest footwear a guy or girl can wear

I love to kiss, lick and suck on high heels.Just the emotions and feelings I have about them make me ***.<br />
I love to wear them to bed with me.<br />
I really love, yes really love high heels mmmm<br />