Shiny Red Shoes

I've just been shopping and picked up these.
(****, how do you insert a picture? Oh well, it's those on my profile pic!)
The girl in the shop was very helpfull, and a little suprised. I went in once and they called to me. While I was staring at them the assistant asked if I needed any help. I said I was ok and left, somewhat embarrased. About half hour later I went back, I couldn't just leave them there, their too gorgeous. The same assistant asked if I needed help this time, I asked for them in my size and took a seat. When she came back, she handed them to me and asked if they were ok, I started to put them on and said "I'll let you know in a minute". She looked somewhat shocked and asked if they were for a special occasion. I said that they were for a fancy dress party. When I stood up they were higher than I expected and I stumbled forwards a little, but soon got my balance. There was a small chear from the girl on the till and she called across the shop "You did better than I did, I couldn't even stand in them. Come over here and show them off." Well I suppose I had to. I composed myself and did my best catwalk steps across the shop floor to the tills. The girl on the tills was chearing, clapping and wooping, I felt a little embarrassed and nervous, but I loved it! "Well get you" she said as I reached the tills. "Propper little **** in your red **** me heels." I turned round and walked, carefully, back to my seat. "Yes thank you, they'll do just fine."
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I can't see them clearly enough as your profile picture isn't very big. Are/Were they called Lois from Schuh (

They were from schuh. I don't remember the name of the style, and they don't have them in store anymore.

Good substitute at,37/1382460271 if your interested :) PS They're more like 12cm than 10cm

Now you mention it, I seem to remember the box said 11.5cm. All I know for sure is they make me feel really sexy!

I'm happily married and couldn't cheat on my wife by taking out another woman. That isn't the only time I have had a fun time in a shoe shop. I have posted many different stories. X

Love those red shoes. What a great experience you had!

You must try it in a shop. It's so much more of a thrill, and most assistants aren't worried about who they sell their shoes to.

Heellover ~ I enjoyed your story, thanks for sharing it. You have made me think a new thought. Loving a person including the parts that may seem a little strange. The ladies at the shoe store did that for you.<br />
<br />
Oh, and walking in your heels.....just walk heel to toe; most likely like you always do if you have a normal gait. Don't try to tip toe or walk with the ball of your foot first. If you watch the cat-walk of models they are planting the heel down first. Try it on carpet so you won't slip and slide! <br />
<br />
Good luck, and again thanks for sharing your story; I love it.

Nice story! I I enjoyed, when I reed the comments about other womens. You rock!!!

Thanks for the comments. I love those shoes so much. I just have to learn how to walk in them now!

Awesome! The heels is your picture look soooo nice. I think you have chosen well. Lucky you!

Very lucky to find great customer service. Oh yea, the shoes sound wonderful. Many more enjoyable shopping adventures to that store.