Walking Into A Store With Heeled Boots.

ITs the first day back to school and i have about 2 and 1/2 hours inbetween classes and so i get the idea to go to a nearby shopko....I have my heeled boots with me so i can wear them into the store. ...I get out of my car when there is nobody walking in or out and i start walking in.....the first thing i see is a man looking in the jewlry section and i dont think he noticed.....i continued down the tiled path of the store...and i notice these two older women walking down the same tiled path that im walking on....and they dont seem to mind..that im right behind them...and so i go to different sections of the store for about halfway through i think i have to get back to my college so i can get to class..... i start walking back out the front entrance...and i try to time it so that i walk out with as little people as possible...and there is a mom and child..and so i start walking out and with just my luck the manager is walking to an other part of the store and he looks down and just says a friendly hello as he walks by...which he did it looking me straight in the eye....the mom and child r walking out behind me...and i just walk out of the store with the heels making the clacking sound on the hard floor and pavement. the mom and child were literaly parked next to me...she did not say anything...and just as i get into my car i see a women that is blonde and is walking to her car but i knew that if maybe i could rewind life i could walk out just a tad later just to walk out with her... i wonder what she would have said...she looked to be about in her late 20s early 30s.
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3 Responses Jan 10, 2011

Hey, this is good to read! I suspect the key to wearing your heels in public is not to feel overly self-conscious and just to act - and walk - naturally in them. Probably most people in a store don't actually look to see what type of shoes the other shoppers are wearing and of the few that give a reaction it's quite likely to be a positive one.

Seems lime you live in a nice area for people not to criticize. Very lucky. Enjoy it and make the best of it.

ur very lucky no one says stuff...seems like your having good luck from the 2 stories of yours i read :)