Forced To Wear Heels

One of my hot fantasies is to have my hands bound behind my back while being forced to walk on a treadmill w/7 inch ballet boots locked on my feet and have a ring gag in my mouth and a funnel taped to my mouth and my wife have several guys *** in the funnel and gently wash it down with a glass of her warm **** and make me take it! All this after she has her brains thoroughly ****** out while I am made to watch!!!!! I then want her to make me walk on the treadmill till I am totally exhausted. I want her to lock high heels on me for a 2 week vacation so that my calf muscles shorten up so that I can only wear high heels from then on. FORCED! WHEW!
billycuck billycuck
41-45, M
2 Responses Feb 12, 2011

WOW please feed me also, thanks

You little devil!