Man Forced To Wear Heels!

The other night my wife and I were having s*x and I got her to talk dirty to me. I said,as I was pumping slowly, " tell me you are going to steal all my money and leave me high and dry" and she did, then I said say it again, and when she did I just exploded inside her. I have talked to her about having another lover but haven't presented the word "cuckold" to her yet. The more I read about sexual humiliation,domination and cuckoldry, the more I believe I am a true cuckold, just not discovered yet. She has said that if she ever has anyone else then "that would be it for you." The possibility of this really makes me stir for that is one of my fantasies is for her to have an affair with someone else while I am locked in chastity long term. She would make me go shopping with her to buy stiletto heels and sexy lingerie all the time asking me if "he" would like this on her. She would tie me up and endlessly tease me, put steel nipple clamps on my nipples and always install the "points of intrigue" in my chastity tube while she explains in explicit detail how he felt inside of her and how much he filled her up, all while I ate his jiss out of her married pu**y. I want my ego to be DISMANTLED!!! by her so that all I have to look forward to is doing ALL the housework while having a tight, tight corset and 5 inch stilettos locked on me and a remote control vibrating butt plug in my all while I hear him DOING her in our bed.Keeping her endlessly satisfied and me TOTALLY starved. I would give anything for her to DOMINATE me like this. I would be her faithful servant to the end of time!!!!
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i wear heels alot when noone is around and when i drive

I respect all women and men and their personal sexual desires but even though I know there are thousands if not millions of men who desire this life style...I just don't get the "why"? Count me in there when it **** to cleaning up your well filled ***** after he makes a pie in etc...but chastity belt and prolonged denial of my own gratification? OH HELL NO!
I will do anything to please her and even him...but allow me to wallow in the full mess and add to the juices flowing on the bed!
A cuck yes, but why do I need denied?

Just a hot fantasy of mine. I would love to add to it as well, but somehow having control taken away from me from my own satisfaction and having someone else deciding for me is very erotic for me.

I dream of this also, thanks

I just love the loss of control!

I would love to have a woman do that to me. I would take it 1 step futher have a gag locked in my mouth so I could not speak unless she wanted me to.

Massage me