Women In Heels Just Do It For Me

I don't wear heels myself (I'm male), but there is nothing as sexy as seeing a woman in a pair of stilettoes. The sound they make, the way they make the hips sway, the look, it all adds up to one of the most arousing things I know. Even better If worn with sheer black stockings, and a figure hugging skirt. There truly is no finer sight. I could go on, but I'm sure all high heel lovers will know where I'm coming from.
AndyUK500 AndyUK500
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4 Responses Apr 18, 2011

I absolutely agree,better than any drug out there!

i certainly do....nothing gets my **** harder quicker than a sight like that...

I am a male who proudly wears heels and no I am not a crossdresser I just find most mens shoes boring. Heels are not for everyone but I love them.

Try wearing heels some day.<br />
You would be surprised at what people think !<br />
They're lovely !