Heels are a MUST. I have around 15 pairs of them, in different colors and styles. I bought my first pair when I was 11 and never had any problem with walking in them. It comes so naturally, I can even run and jump in them. They don't bother me at all and can walk all day, every day  without my feet hurting. Heels are so sexy & cute and add a nice boost to my 4'11 shortness. >.<
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high heels what a fantastic invention they make legs look so sexy

I love heels so much that I have almost 40 pairs .since the first time I put them on it was like I was made to walk in them even now I love my 5"/6" heels the trick is to put your heel down first if you put to much pressure on the call of your foot you are likely;y to dislocate a toe

I want some tea! D:<

I love heels too.. It's even great when we have no problems whatsoever while walking. I used to play wearing them, but don't do that anymore.

Just like you I've never had a problem walking and wearing heels. From the first day it seemed so natural. And yes there is a certain excitement with the ability to run in a pair of heels. To me heels are a necessary part of womanhood.

I've heard that if you wear high heels all the time, then it's difficult to wear flat shoes when you want to because it stretches your hamstrings which have got used to you walking in high heels. Is it true ?<br />
I can't wear high heels for long, I have to kick em off and go pheeeew ! lol *.*

I have no idea how I do actually xD It just feels so normal to me. Yeahhh just keep practicing. Try small 2 inch heels. Small steps in a straight line, and heel to toe is actually better then front first ^.^

I know but how do you walk in them??!! Its frustrating I walk in some around the house and some people say theres like this technique where its the front down first lol i dont know ill keep practicing though!!! :) but I feel like an idiot in them

I absolutely agree. Heels make the girl. The longer the better. It's wonderful that you feel at ease on them...

Aren't theyy?<3 Just keep trying xD With some people like myself it just comes naturally, just keep practicing lol you'll get it eventually

aww heels are cute I cant even really walk in them though lucky you been walking in them since you were 11???! wow you must not have a problem then (: