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Wearing heels entice me to be above all. They bring me confidence and pose like no other. Tell me that I look attractive in them.
Angelababy88 Angelababy88 22-25, F 23 Responses Jul 7, 2011

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You can wear them on the bed with me - but nothing else.... except maybe black stockings...

I love women in heels nothing sexier. Please add me.

You look exceptional in them. They make your *** look good enough to eat.

Please add me. Thank you.

women in high heels always gets a mans attention...

Heels are my weakness. I love seeing girls wear them as much as I love wearing them.

what are your favorite type?

That is a really hard question to answer because I like almost all of them

So I'm guessing you own heaps.

Oh a woman in a great pair of heels is always sexy!

If you could walk on your toes all day then you wouldn't need them,but a woman who tip toes towards her man knows that she'll get him high too!

Hello Ms. AngelaBaby88,

As a long time admirer of ladies who understand the power and sexuality of her heels, may I offer the following insight from a married man:

Most ladies would (rightfully) slap my face if I were to go up to them and ask, "Have you ever considered that stiletto heels are sexual devices designed to place the sexual parts of a beautiful woman into full view?"

Please allow me to explain:

When a beautiful girl puts on a pair of sexy stilettos (personally prefer NO plats, but very high heels), the heels immediately add "definition" to her calf muscles, regardless whether she is sitting or standing! There is something about that sinewy line along a beautiful young lady's calf muscles that "draw" me into watching her move, and looking "elsewhere"

In addition to adding definition to her legs (whereas I believe that platform heels -- ******** heels -- only add length but NOT definition to her legs), the heels cause the girl's rear end to stick out in a most delightful way!!! This is not a bad thing at all!

Now, because the stiletto-wearing girl's fanny is on display, the beautiful young lady must necessarily thrust her ribcage (and breasts) forward in order to maintain her balance! Also a very beautiful sight!!

** * * * * * * *

Now (!), when the girl begins to walk, her sexy heels necessarily cause her hips to sashay from side-to-side in a very sexy way -- and her breasts move more as they protrude forward from her extended chest!!

All of these ideas and sights --- turn some of us men on SOOOOO much, we tend to indulge in "impure" thoughts!! Enough said!!!

Hopefully, this has explained from a straight man's point of view -- one who is acutely aware of the power a pair of heels has on us when a gorgeous girl walks past us in heels!

* * * * * * *

In addition, I am of the opinion that MANY styles of non-platformed high heels are works of art in themselves!! So, in a way, a beautiful woman is wearing works of art on her feet --- all the while, they are adding definition to her legs, adding sexuality to her walk -- and adding confidence only she must derive from within!!!!

Enough of my rambling,

If you find this interesting, or would like more thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact me here or by email.



I'd have to see you in them... but I am a huge fan of a woman in heels

You are stunningly gorgeous and hot , in heels or not ! Feel free to wear heels with me anytime, in bed or out ! im 6'5" baby ! growl !

im sure you do look fascinating but i could not see till we are friends because im just in your circle perhaps if you would accept me to be in your friends then i can view that but i guess women who wear heels is dazzling sexy....

you do look good

hmm... heels

Love em. Love you in them. Xx

Heels and stockings adds a certain erotic quality to a woman's looks and accentuates her legs. I am certain that your legs and feet are the center of attraction where ever you are. Smiles

I love the way they make you "stand at attention" and force you to gyrate your sexy hips as you walk and impose on us lesser males that intoxicating click that forces us to pay attention to you no matter WHAT we are doing at the time. Me bowing and kissing your heels, Billy.

I'm sure you would!<br />
Would love to see you in just heels!

Wearing heels makes my legs and *** look much sexier.<br />
Hugs<br />

I'm sure, ba<x>sed on what I saw in a blured picture, I'm envy.....

add mini skirt and hot pants to be dazzling to the eye my friend.

no u dont look attractive in them--u look super hot and gorgeous my child

I'll bet you look extremely hot in your heels.