High Heels Are Great On Some-one Else

I like to watch as the high heeled women walk past. Funny sitting in Paris, Roma, Napoli, Trieste, Athens...

In the US there really isn't so much of a "high heeled" culture...too many wear them at work and walk around in funny colored tennis shoes to and from work...I always thought it funny that the fashion conscious would walk on public transportation in nice outfits and non-matching sneakers...but I digress.

High heels are fantastic...

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Note to all re wearing sneakers to and from work putting on heels or other dress shoes once you get there. Way back in 1980, I remember seeing news of NYC's horrible transit strike. People had to walk longer distances to get to work without public transit operating. To be able to do this , women changed into sneakers to 'hike"longer distances. As a side benefit dress shoes did not get beat up on sidewalk gratings etc. Dress shoes would last much longer that way. I do not have that problem....I do however change to a pair of flats for driving....an OLD BMW convertible with stick...Driving stick with heels just is not cool


I always wondered why women like to hurt their feet, knees, and back wearing high heels. Are many women really idiots? I saw a woman limped out of nightclub holding her high-heel shoes.

Hi, JoJo<br />
Yes I agree, Men should wear high heels.<br />
<br />
But if they do, as I have, many will appreciate the joys of the 'sexy strut",<br />
I see in my last bit, 2009, I wished I could wear them outside the house. As a man.<br />
Well, I have and I LOVE it ! <br />
Funny, I often wear a short skirt, nobody notices. - Darn !<br />
Add a pair of 2 1/2" heel sandals and I always get an unspoken comment.<br />
From any young fashionable woman, a sideways questioning look.?<br />
From an immaculately dressed striking woman, a look that is almost appreciative.<br />
From a dowager my age, always a look that is NOT approving !<br />
And that brings me on too.<br />
<br />
I am not a fairy guy, but I have always enjoyed wearing 'different' mens clothes.<br />
For years, that was knocked out by a succession of girlfriends, then a wife, who all felt I was 'over the top'<br />
<br />
Well now, its great fun.<br />
You lucky people, women, you know you have a pretty sway when walking !<br />
<br />
luv<br />

I love wearing heels I think everyone should own at least one pair whether you are a man or a woman I believe a pair of heels is an essential part of a complete wardrobe. Every man should wear a pair of heels for an entire day just to see what women go through in the puruit of fashion and looking and feeling feminine.

There are probably a lot of men who would take you up on it, if it were more socially acceptable to do so. I agree that most men probably have no idea how painful they are to wear and how difficult it is to walk in them. That said, women have the final say in what goes on their bodies.

Have you ever seen Prince dance in his?

Actually had a girlfriend a number of years ago who said she'd wear heels, if I went an entire day in heels. I thought she was kidding until a week later when she handed me a box with a pair of heels that were the right size to fit me.
Spent one who day (indoors the whole time) wearing the heels she got for me. I actually thought they were more comfortable than my normal shoes... Still have them, and wear them for an hour or so if my knee is bothering me (on old sports injury)

I just LOVE high heels.<br />
Am a cross dresser, and are just into them.<br />
I find that they make my pelvis jutt out so sexily.<br />
<br />
Have a couple of pairs that I have had to modify.<br />
Just bought a pair (off the trademe) and they are lovely to wear.<br />
Now round the house, next thing, to get a pair that i can wear outside !<br />
<br />
Oooohhhh !<br />
<br />
Cheers<br />

I'd love seeing You ladies in those high heels! all else would be optional ;-)

wear them every chance I get!!!!

I dunno it depends on where you go. I find in Dallas alot of the women wear heels.