I Was a Foot Model!!! - Once

True story, while at the spa, having my bi-monthly grooming session, the owner approached me.  They were going to shoot a two page spread advertisement for Town and Country Magazine and they wanted to use my feet!  haha  Now, you gotta see these feet, size 5 and squared off at the toes.  funny, cute little elf feet.  Anyway, had the photo shoot, took a million pics. 

When the proofs came in, I asked for an 8 x 10 black and white, glossy.  I (hahaha) AUTOGRAPHED THE PIC and had it matted and framed - then hung it above my bf's bed!!!  haha  Well, he married me, but I was making sure that any other girl in that room, would see my MODELING PICS.  hahaha

Too funny!

FiFiDelmar FiFiDelmar
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5 Responses Mar 18, 2008

Did you do any Shoe Dangling?

Wheres the picture at!?

LOVE THIS STORY!!! I need to tell it more often, my moment of fame. haha... such great, funny memories.

Good times - that's what life is about - thanks for sharing .. I cd and love heels and all the goodies made for you ladies - the draw and allure of sexy clothes , lingerie , high heels, lip stick and nail polishes work on me too .. funny .. recently I've been thnking about **** too ?!?! Looking forward to my first taste of strange - and getting my gurly mancunt ****** good and deep too.... Hmm Guess now that makes me bi-curious.

I'm with Ryan on this... Post the picture up girl! If you got feet for modeling then the whole world wants to see those!!!

Love it. ;-)

Cool story and very funny. Famous feet :)