Standing Tall

I am a girl who loves heels. I have stillettos, spike heels, platforms, etc. I love painting my toenails and have many shades of nail polish. I love standing tall in my heels and looking down at shortie people. Guys stare at me when I walk
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I'm the same way!!! There's a great site in which I get some of my tall heels from called Their prices are great and they always come nicely packaged! Check them out.

I would definitely stare at a girl as pretty as you! Look down on me anytime.

i love wearing heels too,but at 6ft 2'' in my bare feet that can easily become 6ft 6'' or taller,so i cant be bothered notifying the aviation authority every time i wear heels,and i dont like those flashing yellow beacons id have to wear on my head to stop thing crashing into me,so i settled for slightly flatter heels its safer,and my legs dont look like there connected to my arm pits there long enough at 35inches inside length.

Being 6'2" myself, I'd LOVE to see you walking in such stilettos :) I hope I'd be discreet and not staring !

Women in high heels are just so hot, I love getting my hands and fingers stepped on and crushed under high heel shoes and have had them "accidently" stepped on in 7-11s or in clubs as I can't ask a strange girl to step on my fingers even though when I see a girl in sexy platform high heels I so want to have her step on my hands

Love your post babe heels are hot

*crawls up to asreena* I'd love to lick your've stolen my sole and I need to be punished right now, so step on it----hard...please, my Mistress ;)

i see a woman walking into a room with a fresh pedi wearing a pair of heels and its all i can do to not get down on my hands and knees and worship her feet. i think thats the biggest reason i envy girls. Not being able to wear those cute little shoes/heels.

Confidence and a woman who embraces her femininity is a truly wonderful thing - bravo babe!

Only ever wear pantyhose n high high heels myself.

I love high heels to. I love being walked over and trampled on. I love my throat being stood on with very high heels on its a fetish i have and i love it.

I cut myself reading this

I am sorry to hear that.
This is big girl stuff so run along now.

I am about 6'2" in 4in heels.<br /><br />
Yes, I love the way they make me walk and stand tall and proud and the click clack sound is music my ears.<br /><br />
Just love heels and not to mention dresses to show off my body and legs

Love your attitude Hun x x x

I'm 6'2" myself so you'd stand at exactly the same height, that would be so hot to kiss each other at the same height :) I'd LOVE to see you walking in such stilettos :)

Also shoulders back boobs out, tall and proud, I am woman

You're right, I LOVE your attitude, you are so beautiful and proud :)

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Black leather 6in platform heels. i I don't do cheap, cheap heels don't have that little extra like heels from high class shoe department stores. I've paid up to 250.00 dallos on a pair makes a big diffrance in thay way u walk and stand way more sexy that cheap~o~s

I love Louboutins when people see the red bottoms of your shoes they feel the power