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Shoe Shopping.....

Last night I felt a little alone so I decided the best thing to do was to go out and buy a new pair of shoes. I was in the market for a new pair of black pumps. So off I went with a new pair of suntan pantyhose on under my jeans so I didn't have to use those little footsies they have in the stores. It didn't take long for me to find just what I was looking for. There were so many others I just fell in love with but I was determined to have some self control. I brought my new pumps home and haven't been able to take them off yet. What a great way to put a smile on a face.
JamieLynn58 JamieLynn58 56-60 11 Responses Apr 7, 2012

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I've worn pantyhose under my pants in order to try on shoes. I get so nervous when I take my shoe off and expose my pantyhose foot. I get nervous just thinking about it.
This reminds me, I need to buy some black pumps, hopefully this week.

I totally agree with you !! There's nothing like going out in hose and buying some heels !!!

I do this too, pantyhose under girl jeans (which fit me better than male ones anyway); If I find a cute pair of shoes - and I usually do - I will wear them to drive home in. A couple of times I've even stopped to pump gas wearing them, what a rush that is!

Ah, what a fun shopping trip. Nothing beats a pair of black pumps.

My next purchase I hope , will be something bright - maybe animal print or a nice red in a sling back or maybe a nice black thigh high boot with a nice 3-4 inch heel. I guess I should be workring on my make up and hair ... So time consuming though... lol

Of all the things i buy I think shoes is always the most exciting. Love trying them on in the store and even wearing them from the store!

shoe shopping is one of the great pleasures in life

"haven't been able to take them off yet" does that mean you slet with them ????

No I did take them off when I went to sleep. Notice I said sleep not when I went to bed.

you kept them on in bed but not to sleep ???? MMmm now I'm getting curious ,could you explain us some more ?And if they are the ones on the avatar, they seem wonderfully sexy

Jamielynn, Tell me how to figure mens size in a womans shoe? I have none at all but did have one pair and the heel broke off. I get all kinds of catalogs but shoes in mens stores vary from one brand to another. I weart a Size ten eee in a mens size And the biggest size in the catalogs is a 12 www it seems. I could go in Payless I guess and hope nobody is watching and try some on. I wonder if there is any stores that are for men shoppers looking for ladies shoes?? Anybody out there got any info I could use? Thank you all.

You should be able to find a size conversion chart on line but just like men's shoes I have found that different manufacturers sizes run different. I'm sure there is the type of store you were asking about but I haven't seen one. I like shopping at Payless.

Thanks for answering me. I just got notice today that you had answered . Exactly 7 days since you posted your reply to me.

Generally what ever your man size is the women size is 2 sizes larger. But as jamielynn said it does vary between manufacturers and styles. I am a 9 in mens but in sandals often a womans 10 will fit.

usally its 2 sizes bigger I wear a 11 mans and normally get a 12-13 momans

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a sexy woman in heels puts a smile on my face too

Well then let me put on some heels.

great... will you be over soon?

Oh I thought you were on your way over to see me so I put on my 4" heels.

ill be right over :)~ tomarrow is my birthday....

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Amazing what a new femme item can do for a person.

Very, very true. I am still amazed at this. I am still wired over two new blouses the wife and I bought 4 or 5 days ago. I want to wear them everywhere and somehow dont give a damn. I have been wearing them outside to get the mail and newspaper at the end of the driveway and sitting out on the deck too. It is a rural area but you know neighbors!!

Yep, I sure do know about neighbors. The one to my north is the biggest busy body in the world champion, 18 years in a row.

I would love to be on 20 acres so I didn't have to worry about neighbors.

Amen to that Sis, I was thinking more like 5,000 acres.

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