My First Pair Of Real High Heels

I can still remember my 1st pair of real 'store bought' high heels. I made a few experimental attempts when I was out on my own after graduating college and working at my 1st job. I didn't try to make a shoe, more like a platform heel that I added to some cheap sandals to simulate the height of a high heeled shoe, they didn't last long or hold up well, but the sensation was incredible and i knew I had to conquer my fear and buy some, some how, some where.

Luckily, my new job involved quite a bit of travel, mostly regionally where I was driving from place to place, town to town. This gave me access to stores and malls that were 2 or 3 states or at least 3 or more hours from where I lived. I quickly adjusted to being anonymous in a strange towns and that gave me the courage to make risky purchases.

I had already bought a few pairs of pantyhose, a girdle and some spandex exercise items in the previous 5 or so years, but high heels were different. They were the ultimate in femininity and forbidden fruit for me. I bought them from a wal-mart, with other items like pantyhose, an all in one girdle, some stockings, a slip, a bra, panties and who knows what else. 

They were black, fake leather pumps, with a skinny 4 inch heel, and pointy toes. I secretly tried them on in the aisle, just to make sure they were the right size, and they were an 11, the largest they had in a style with a stiletto heel.

I was on an extended shopping spree from that day forward, and every night after my work was done, I'd go to a mall or shopping center where ever I was staying and buy whatever I wanted. I tried to keep my costs down, because I was a poor, recent graduate with a new job and a lot of bills and loans to repay, so I became good at finding the sale racks and clearance tables.

I would go to thrift stores, discount stores like TJ Maxx (still a fav) and chain stores like wal-mart, k-mart and others. The major mall chains were generally higher priced, but better quality and I'd shop at them to get ideas and hunt for bargains.

I think I bought 3 or 4 pairs of heels that first fall I was employed. They were well worn and used when I finally threw them out. I'd go through binge and purge cycles (see other posts) but I usually kept the shoes and hid them away, unless they were crappy or trashed.

At some point after that, I bought some hot pink pumps from a payless or similar store. They were almost 5 inches high, which was hard to find in a store in '90-91, not like today's crazy sky high heels everywhere you look. 

Back then a 4 inch or higher heel was harder to find with no internet access like we have today. (netscape hadn't come out yet and the web was vax systems in labs connected to other mainframes and only unix commands (dark ages to you kids out there) That is, until I saw my 1st Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog. I quickly subcribed to them (and had them sent to my secret POBox of course, not my real address, didn't want anyone to see them accidentally) and started ordering real high heels soon after that.

They were some intense shoes and boots, I remember them better than all the earlier pairs, because they were the highest, most pointy, shiny patent, tight fitting and hard to wear shoes you could imagine. They killed my feet, sometimes in minutes after putting them on, (this is how I realized that sizes varied from brand to brand) Turns out that I wore a 10, or a 10.5, or 11 and even a 12 sometimes, depending on the style and who made them.

I had a pair of red patent, stiletto 5.5 inch pumps with a 1" wide ankle straps that buckled and you could lock with a small luggage lock if you wanted. It wasn't necessary though, since the straps and buckles were hard enough to open and close, especially if you were wearing some long gloves or had glued long fake nails to your fingers after you got fully dressed 'in femme'

I had several pairs of thigh high boots from Fredrick's too. The black patent ones had a metal tipped stiletto heel, with a point so small that they would damage floors if you weren't careful. They were a full 6 inches high, thin soled with no trace of a platform, my foot was vertical and my toes were bent a full 90 degrees when I  wore them. I use to try and sleep in them, fully dressed of course, in my layers of pantyhose, girdles, long line bras, leotards, catsuit, shoulder length gloves or whatever else I could dream up or find.

I'd usually get cramps in my feet or legs in the middle of the night and scramble to take them off in my sleep. I'd make myself replace them with some more comfortable high heels and sleep the rest of the night like that. I remember that my feet would hold the shape of the boots for hours after I would take them off, something that excited and worried me at the same time.

I really enjoy waking up fully dressed and high heeled. The sensation of trying to walk in high heels as soon as I got out of bed is a thrill, as my feet touched the floor and my foot couldn't bend or flex, it is a great feeling that I still enjoy from time to time.

I told you my answer was long and rambling, I'm sure I'll remember more later on.....
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I remember my own first pair of heels that I bought.<br />
Knee high 4in heel boots.<br />
I have tried 5in heels, no thanks. I like something to walk about town for some distance and 4in heels and a good fit fixes that.<br />
<br />
4in heels for me.