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Man Addicted To Pantyhose & High Heels

I can still remember the feeling. That day so long ago. I was 7 years old and had the overwhelming desire to try on my mothers pantyhose. I sneaked a pair out of her drawer and brought them to my room. I can still feel that silky nylon sliding over my legs. I loved the feeling and knew that I would be hooked. I continued to sneak around wearing my moms hosiery and even wore knee highs a couple of times to school under my socks. This continued for several years till approximately age 13. One snowy day home from school, with the house empty, I had the urge to try high heels for the first time. Little did I know, that pair of sexy Navy 4 inch heel strappy sandals would lead to a lifelong obsession with pantyhose and high heels. I was caught one time by my mother wearing her black pantyhose and she freaked out. I had to become a ninja when it came to sneaking pantyhose and high heels out of her closet. I had to make sure everything was put back exactly the way it was to keep her oblivious to the notion that this behavior had continued. Eventually, my feet grew too big to wears my mothers high heels and the addiction became a pantyhose only affair. This continued for the next several years. One night about 4 years ago, while surfing the Internet and dreaming of having my own high heels, I came across high heels in my size. I had no idea that anyone made high heels in sizes that big. I selected a sexy black patent leather pair of 6 inch platform ******** heels. I couldnt get my credit card number entered fast enough! About a week later, my new purchase arrived and I could barely wait to get home from work that night and try them on. I now have several pairs of high heels and have become a total shoe *****. I wear my pantyhose and high heels almost on a daily basis. I sit here now wearing black sheer pantyhose and that pair of black patent 6 inch heels that fanned the flames of my addiction. Still to this day, at age 36, I still can hardly contain the erection I get from the feeling of pantyhose and high heels. I always wondered what made me do this and why I enjoyed it so much. I have experienced just about every emotion over the years from disgust to embarrassment but I just cant kick the habit. I was always scared to death that someone would find out about my habit and expose me to my friends and family. I would never tell anyone and kept it a total secret. In the last year, I have finally just decided that i dont give a damn anymore. This is a part of my life and if people dont like it, they can get over it. I have told several of my close friends and have even found the courage to venture out into the world wearing my high heels a time or two. I still keep it on the downlow but have opened up alot about this side of me and have embraced it. I am a man, I look like a man, love man things, and have no real desire to be a woman or any of that. Im a big, tall guy and could never be really passable. I am happy to wear my heels around the house and in dark parts of town at night. I live in a small town in KY that is very religious. There is a church on every corner here. I still have to be cautious but am getting to the point that I dont care anymore. I hope that other guys that have this same obsession and might be feeling the same emotions that I am to know that you are not alone. There are plenty of us Pantyhose guys out there and you dont need to be ashamed. Embrace this side of you and have fun with it. Life is too damn short to let society dictate what you should do or what you should wear. Its clothing people! Lighten up! Girls can wear whatever the hell they want to and nobody says anything. Its time for men to have the same freedom!!!!
KYPantyhoseMan KYPantyhoseMan 36-40, M 19 Responses Apr 20, 2012

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This story has a familiar ring to it. I really cannot say how it started. I always knew I had a thing for pantyhose legs when I started high school. During my sophomore year I was home alone for some reason and was horny. I decided to take a pair of my mom's pantyhose and put them on. This gave me an erection that you cannot imagine. I tore a hole in the crotch area to release my bulging member. I took another pair of my mom's pantyhose and jerked off into them. I kept wearing the one pair and ******* off for quite some time. I do love the way they feel.

Your story is just so similar to how it all started for me as well. Im a married man now and love wearing my high heels and tights in secret. I am a macho male in my everyday life but I also love this sexy feminine side and just love crossing my legs wearing pantyhose and high heels.
I think at times it is like an escape from all the pressures in this mad world. We are all different out there and thats what makes people interesting. I too would love to share this with close trusting friends but I don't want my family to know as I think it would upset them.
My wife really suspects I crossdress and she knows I have a tights fetish as I have a draw full. She found a pair of size nine heels once and I had to bluff and say I bought them for her in the wrong size.
Enjoy this sexy side whenever you get chance as it is a harmless pleasure.

Yess I do that all of the time I love heels and pumps

just be you man, and forget genfer roles, do what makes you happy, cuz otherwise life's a lie of happiness

Love the feel of pantyhose

Great story, and I agree life is too short to get dictated to by 'society', which allows women to be transvestites but comes down heavily on any man who dares to be different. The knee-jerk reaction is that if you wear heels you must be gay. Someone's quick reply to that was as the woman was wearing flat shoes she must be a lesbian...

love to be at your feet worshipping your heels

I understand what your saying. It only takes once trying heels and hose to become addicted. It's not fare girls get all the sex soft things.

Absolutely! I couldnt agree more!

I just got my first pair of 6in stiletto, black patent heels. Had them on for about an hour now, and I am getting such a rush every time I look at them, and feel them on my feet. I am so addicted to them now.

If you love the sensua feel of sheer pantihose you really must try GIO stockings. Even silkier than the best pantihose. and the feel of a garterbelt tugging on your stockings as you move about is a rush too! Be sure to get the vintage "flat-knit" kind as the mesh weave kind are not any smoother than pantihose. Full-fashioned, non stretch, sized for your foot are the best by far!!

The feel of real nylon stockings is amazing, but I can start a run just by looking at them.

The first time I only got one full-fashioned stocking on my leg I lost my control almost immediately!

Have you ever shoe played_??

I too love heels and pantyhose. I've ordered at least 10 pairs via the internet, the higher the better!

Must be black pantyhose.

I'm glad to see that you finally did it. I love my heels and Fem wardrobe and am lucky enough to live in a big city out west with more options than it sounds like you have. Like many other EP girls, I started sneaking my sister's and Mom's stuff until I was caught by a slightly older neighbor who LOVED helping me feminize myself. She finally spoke to my mother and that put it all out from all to see. SUPRISINGLY, even though this was happening in the 60's, I got a lot of support from my mom after I answered "YES" to her awkward question one day of "Did I want to be a girl"
Today I go out to clubs and with each annual Rocky Horror live stage production, my DSW account grows as any girl will tell you that going two night's in a row with the same costume is just not done. I'd love to have you as a friend and share stories with you. You might enjoy the 2 stories about my younger years that I have oposted and my photos.

I dress 2x weekly in a short tight mini skirt, anklet, 5" stillettos bra blouse and pantyhose. I go out in public for about an hour. I do not talk to anybody. Just strut around. It feels good. I cannot explain. I am not homosexual by any means. Just like to be seen dressed in sexy feminine clothing. Hmmmmmmmm!

I too share the same passion for heels and hosiery. I currently own 36 pairs of heels, from 4" pumps to 6" platforms. I also have 6 pairs that I wear almost every day. My gf not only fully supports my passion, she has purchased sevral pairs of heels for me. When we go out we usually wear the same style and color flats and hosiery. I do the grocery shopping in black flats with a 1" wedge and black sheer hosiery under my jeans. I've had a few eye drops, but no bad looks or comments. You are right, men should have the freedom to wear what ever he wants and not have to worry about it ! Happy wearing !!!

I finally did it! I ordered a pair of black ballet flats about a month ago. This has lead to 4 other pairs of flats in other colors. I have finally found the courage to go out a few times and not at night. I have ventured out several times wearing jean shorts and a t-shirt with very nude pantyhose and flats. Someone may have noticed the flats but there was hardly any way they could have realized I was wearing pantyhose unless they got really close. Damn I wish people would lighten up. I would love to wear this more often.

Great story. You are so right. Men should be able to wear whatever they want without worrying about what people will say because it's not within the norm. What makes anything within the norm?

I really want some flats and plan on doing that soon. Im to the point that im going to wear what I like and to hell with what others think.

I love the fact that you've gotten to that point. Although I don't live in a small town in KY so I've been able to strech my wings more easily in Northern Cal bigger cities. In earlier years I was more concerned that I might run into "People" i knew, so I would take CD clothing on trips out of town. I've found most people feel if you're OK with it so am I as long as you don't harass their kids. You've seen my phots so you know I don't even try to completely pass anymore ( it was fun the years I did it) but I regularly meet friends at restaurants, or go shopping at the mall or discount stores like Ross, Kohl's & Burlington where I'm treated great and offered non judgemental sales help. My lqat trip to Kohls was about 8:30 PM wearin all female clothes and a denim skirt. I was helped by a female sales clerk to buy some stretch jeans ( that look great) and taken to the female changing rooms twice to try items on. The check-up counter complimented me on the sexy panties I also bought, with a comment about a "Hot" date?. Any way I've found & I hope you will also that if you present yourself as comfortable with how you look that you'll be treated that way most of the time. Drop me a line on my new story or my new album , I'd love to hear how your "Outings" go

Well said, I began my fetish for womens clothes at an early age, mainly panties & shoes.<br />
I have many womens outfits & like you I stick to wearing them in the home but recently since I moved to a new town I wear my ballet flats out only at night though.<br />
Try some sexy panties if you haven't already.....awesome sensation! 8-)