I Love A Woman In High Heels

I have a high heel fetish. I like to see my wife in high heels and stockings. She is just starting to enjoy this fetish with me. She is a Filipino and she is not used to having me buy things for her. But nothing turns me on more than to see her in stockings and high heels. I prefer women wear skirts, blouses, and dress shoes to church. However, this is a different culture and so I am trying to get used to it. 

I do not know when this started but my sister used to manage a shoe store and I used to feel the shoes and liked the feel and touch of them. I used to like watching her put on her shoes and sometimes she would straighten her hose in front of me. I also had a niece that was a go go dancer and she would allow me to watch her put on her boots. But one day I was trying to peek at her while she is dressing, in her panties and bra she pulled my pants and underwear down. She took her hair brush across my bare bottom. She sent me to the corner while she finished dressing. 

At some point I do not remember if it was the same night or a different night she would not come home. She was beaten to a pulp and she would die in the hospital. The man tried to come to the hospital to finish the job I did not learn this until a few years later. No I will not judge another person, but I feel so saddened by the remembrance of this. I was not allowed to go to the hospital during that time. I did not even get to go to the funeral, so I never saw her again.

Some time later, another brother and sister had sex together and the sister became pregnant out of their relationship. The name of the child was June, in remembrance of the Aunt that I had lost. I got spanked a lot by my aunts. They were allowed to do this because my mom worked as a registered nurse. So I was always surround by women in dress shoes and especially heels.  
MandyzYouthPastor MandyzYouthPastor
46-50, M
May 9, 2012