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This is an intro to a story I have posted in other places before. Two years ago, I was working out of state for two months. I had not taken any of my fem attire with me and by day 3 I was in panty withdrawal. I did some shopping locally and bought some undies and such. Found an ad on craigslist and bought more stuff (another story). This is what happened after the CL purchase...

Good day folks,

I want to pass on another shopping experience the followed on the heels of my CL purchase.

I have been chatting with a lady friend (gg) and she asked if I had any shoes with me on this trip. Told her no, but was considering a purchase. I had even picked out a pair from Payless. Told her by next chat, would have them.

I went to the store the next afternoon when I got off work. The sales clerk took my piece of paper with the stock number and information...looked it up on her computer...she said these are women's shoes...told her " I know"...she said were only available online...a let down on my part. Had felt so confident because I basically outed myself to her in some many words.

Went back to my apt., got online and found another store in the area and called them. Sales girl answered and I told her what I was looking for. She looked in their computer and then told me they did have them in stock but, another store next town over had two pair. I thanked her, hung up, and proceeded to call the other store. Sales girl answered here (lots of sales girls, noticed?), anyhow, told her what I was after and that they should have two pair in stock. She asked me to hold and went to check. Came back on phone and stated, yes they did have and did I want them to hold a pair...heck yes. Gave her my guy name and closed up the phone on a high.

Next day, went into work. Had to leave early to tend to some business, so I had worked it to go to this store and pick up my shoes. Found the store, went in. two clerks, one guy and one girl. The girl asked if I needed help. I explained there should be a pair of shoes with my name waiting. She found the box and asked "for you?" and I said yes...she put the box down and said they were women's shoes, must a be a mistake...I stated "no, they are for me"...she looked at me like I had two heads (6-0, 195, greying, work clothes and steel toed shoes on). said "ooookay, we have our BOGO sale and would you like a second pair for half off?"...hmmm told her I had not considered a second pair but...and she showed me the aisle and took my other shoes to the counter. i found a second pair and the little voice in my head told me...try them on! so I did...was such a rush...put my work shoes back on and went to the counter with them. Young lady looked at me, smiled and made small talk while she rang my purchases up. I knew she was trying to read me, just as the man the previous day when I made my CL purchase. Gave me my receipt, told me my savings and could go online to answer a survey for a coupon off on next purchase. I thanked her and took my shoes out the door. As I walked back to the truck, could feel the wet spot in my panty grow.

I have bought at Payless before...and will buy again. (commercial plug here
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Me toi.!

Glad to hear your high heel collection just expanded a little. There really is a thrill when trying on in-store and to me it's essential to try on before buying - there's little worse than going through the rush of buying your shoes only to find they don't fit (or do fit but feel like they're destroying your toes!).<br />
<br />

Thanks Chris, i have bought several other pair from payless and thrift stores but that was my most exhilerating purchase to date