My Mom Has Fibromayalgia... And I Might To

yesterday my mom fond out she had fibromayalgia. my grandmother also has fibromayalgia, and my grandmother's mother to. it is highly ikely i will also have fibro mayalgia and im scared and afraid. ths is my life that were talking about, where it hurts enough interiorly every day, i dont need any external hurt, not anymore....
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Sorry to hear about your mom's diagnosis, and we sure understand why you might be scared. I see you posted this 4 months ago, with only a couple responses. May we suggest respectfully that you might find a lot more support here if you search out groups focused on fibromyalgia. I'm sure they exist, and I bet you'll find them much more useful than posting this in unrelated groups like this one about "I Love High Heels."<br />
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I just typed "fibromyalgia" into the search box at the top of this page, and 5 groups showed up. Good luck!<br />
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Really trying to be helpful, hope you'll take it that way...

Regular sleep is key, my wife was diagnosied, she started sleeping more and it she no longer has the symptoms she did.

thank you sooo mcuh this help me alot

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