Heels Under Two Inches

Being vertically challenged, I can't help but love high heels. Especially wedges. I don't know why, but wedges always seemed more comfortable to me. Maybe it's because I don't trust those skinny heels that can break really easily.

Anyway, I like to keep my heels at a reasonable height. Usually around 2 to 3 inches at most. Sorry stiletto lovers, but I have problems walking in sneakers, I don't want to at to that with big, dangerous shoes.

Anyway, next time I get get money, I'm going to go out an buy a pair of heeled boots. I don't care what time of the year it is. Heeled boot are awesome whenever!!! :)
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2 Responses Jun 7, 2012

Yes, wedge heels give lots more stability.<br />
I am a stiletto lover myself and it does give the feeling of walking on a razors edge and more dainty steps are required, just what I love.<br />
2-3in is still a great hight.<br />
One of my fav heels is a 3in stiletto.<br />
And I find it hard to break heels, not as fragile as you think if dainty steps are taken.<br />
Most of my 20-25 pairs of heels are 4in and one about 4 1/2in and that is my limit with no platform and anyway platforms make me way too tall so they don't suit me.<br />
In 4in heels I am 6'2" tall.

I agree with you completely. Wedges are the way to go. They look every bit as good as heels and are much more stable when walking. I am wearing my white dress wedges right now and have no problem walking in them. I do not experience any of the ankle twisting or stumbling around that I do with heels.<br />
I like my heels to be 3" to 4" highand love the feeling of height I get when walking in them. I like the 3-4" ones becaust I get a better angle on the ground and don't wobble so much No stiletto's for me either. I haven't tried platforms yet, but they seem like they would give me more height and be fairly comfortable to walk in because of the platform. They are going to be my next purchase. Thanks for the suggestion of heeled boots. I, as well, think they are simply awsome, and agree with you any time of year is ok for them. I'll have to save up and find me a pair and try them out. Nice chatting with you. Hope to hear form you again.