What Lady Doesn't Love Em?

I feel completely different with a pair of heels on and feel like a different person but I'm talking about how I feel with them but what lady doesn't love em?
babeycupcake babeycupcake
18-21, F
6 Responses Aug 20, 2012

yes...and most guys luv the way they make a woman look...I sure do!

Glad to hear that- remind your friends too.... Guys love them on you, as much as you love them on .... Thanks bcc.... sd

What is your favourite pair, brand, size, style, height, colour, material and what adventures have you had in them?

high heels are the best. I love seeing women in high heels. It accentuates everything from psture to sex appeal. amazing

Yerp totally,

Amazing an ob<x>ject as mundane as a shoe can have the power to change the way a person feels