At Long Last

Almost a year ago I tore my achillies tendon. Surgery went very well and even the six weeks with no weight on the foot was endurable. What I did not realize is that the swelling in the ankle would last for as much as a year.

That means since the day I tore it, I have not been able to wear any of my high heels and for a life-long cross dresser like me, that is just torture.

Well this morning as I was getting dressed -- fully as a female since I was going to be able to do all my work from home -- I went to my closet to choose a dress. My collection of heels -- about two dozen -- were all there neatly arrayed in their hanging holders. I pulled out my favorite, one with the highest heel I can manage (which is four inches) and in a lovely pattern of soft earth tones. They go so perfectly with several dresses and skirts that I have, that I decided to so how close I was to the day I could wear them again.

Then to my shock and surprise the shoe slipped on my injured foot. Oh it was tight compared to the other, but it was on. Almost fumbling like a guy guilitly trying on a pair of a woman's heels for the first time, I managed to get the matching heel on the other foot.

And then for the first time in almost a year, I stood atop my four in heels. My forced abstinence had been so long, that it was like doing it for the first time. All those feelings of feeling like you are being pitched forward, of the way it draws your calf muscles taught, of how you are standing on the balls of your feet, of how precarious you can feel balance on so tiny a platform.

Well getting them on was one thing -- and a very great one at that, but walking? Could I walk in them on my injured ankle? YES! And once started I toured the entire house. My wife was in the kitchen getting ready to leave for her work when I came in dressed only in my nice female undies. "You going to work like that?" she teased knowing that on days that I worked at home I might go through three or four outfits during the day.

Then I rounded the counter and she saw the heels. Her hands flew to her face in delight for me. Crushing me to her she kissed me hard. ******* back her head, but holding our female clad bodies together, she said, "I bet you don't get a thing done today."

I smiled weakly and admitted she just might be right. Then I got another kiss and she was at the door. Pausing to take a look back at me, one that spent a lot of time on the heels, she smirked more than smiled, "You are going to have a great day." Then I saw a thought could her face and she wagged her finger at me. "But you be careful of that ankle. If it starts to hurt of swell, those heels come off! Understood?"

I nodded and crossed my heart. She laughed at the way my finger dragged across the lace on the bodice of my full slip. Tossing something like how a girl like me was more likely to play with herself all day than work, she left.
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1 Response Sep 6, 2012

That's beautiful. I truly feel your joy. X