My High Heels

Yes it's true I have a high heel fetish... The higher the better... I have 8 inch thigh boots and love to wear them around the house... I also have 7 Inch spike stilleto that are so sexy and get me super aroused....
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6 Responses Sep 9, 2012

I love seeing a girl in high heeled boots, but I love wearing high heels too - only got to 6" with a platform so far but I long for more. I don't own boots but I'd love to ...

I've seen those, but I'd love to see pics of you wearing them and your latex dress - I'd love one of those too...

Love boots though forgot to mention that

Heels are so so so important definitely should be worn in the bedroom I believe that all guys love heels as much as women just don't admit it. They are a massive turn on for everyone and set the mood but there is nothing nicer than hearing a nice pair clicking down the street across the bedroom floor or seeing them up in the air.

I like to be ****** with high heels on too.

I adore high heels too, as the profile pic would suggest. The feeling for me is something different. More sexy than horny. Kinda dainty and pretty, rather than wanting to ****.

And it's one thing wearing them round the house, but have you ever been out in them?

Oh do tell, I'd love to read about it. X

I know what you mean, I love wearing stilettos & get so ******* hot when I see them on my feet in the mirror.