My She Male Fantasy

I'm a 39 year old firefighter, would love to meet a sexy she male for some fun. My dream is to be dominated by someone well hung and take me up the *** and____ me really hard and me do the same to you till we both are soo satisfied xxx
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9 Responses Sep 9, 2012

ready willing and able , my red lipstick queen, Love to see you with those high leather boots... woo make my day.


you are in scotland and im in the usa

but my chat icon not coming

you r not online my sis

please reply my sexy sis having anklet on your feet and 20-20 bangles in your hand

i am a firefighter to and that would be so good to do that with you

your r not reply my answers then there is no use

Great fantasy hun you don't live to far from me and being a fireman sounds hot mmmm xxx got a lovely slutty fire girl outfit you would like

I live in Cleveland Ohio, USA

I live in the UK S Wales so where can I find you!

Where do you live?

Great fantasy hun., & I know you will love that feeling of a big stiff **** in your ***.