Hubby Called It Dogging, I Called It A Great ****!

A few weeks ago we decided to go to a county fair a few counties away. Hubby wanted me to dress for attention so I wore a sheer blouse, a flashy black bra, my short jean skirt and black heels. Getting attention wasn't going to be a problem!
We parked in a grass field as is usual at these small county fairs and I immediately drew attention as we walked into the event. Men were smiling and staring. Their wives were looking at me as if I was a harlot.
As we walked around the midway I was getting oh, so wet!
After a hour or so hubby said it was time to leave. I told him he was going to have to screw me silly when we got home. He smiled and said I was in for a surprise. Confused? I damn was.
As we walked away from the fair, I thought I noticed someone following us. As we approached our truck he told me to wait for the guy. My husband walked on and unlocked the truck as the man, black, walked up to me
He made a comment about how I looked. I smiled and asked him if he wanted ****. Simple, hell, I wasn't there for any other reason.
My husband opened the door on my side of the truck and I noticed a camera in his hand.
I kissed the man and cupped his junk as me pushed up my bra to massage my boobs. We groped for several minutes and I knelt to lick his ebony ****. Long and nice. I didn't want him to lose his load in my mouth. I pushed off my skirt and turned toward the truck. I l laid my arms across my seat and waited.
It didn't take him long to enter me. I was so wet he slipped in easily. It felt wonderful! He began slowly but I wanted it hard and fast. He pumped into me for several minutes and I started to ***. I guess my moaning and urges got to him as he unload a minute later.
The photo is of the action. .
He had set the whole thing up with the guy as he was getting us beers in the fair

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amazing ! just plain amazing !!

Where is this fair at? I'm going to plan my next vacation there!

Love your sexy attitude. Please add me.

so damn HOT!

Incredibly hot experience! Love your attitude!

You have a good husband.

So hot. I would love to *** deep in that **** too.

What a very kind husband you have.

wow .. just like that?


i would have loved to be there you might have wanted a second round

Great time! A fantastic adventure for sure!

Love it. And you look like such a good ****. X

My only problem is I can't walk in heels on dry ground, much less that at the fairs I know. Sorry, I'll take flats or more likely, tennies.

Great story ! I guess I'll have to start going to more fairs !