Am I The Only One??

So, am I the only CD/sissy girl who finds herself getting aroused while shopping for heels in the store or online? I swear, a sexy pair of peep toe pumps or slingbacks can literally make my little clitty stand up and say 'HELLO'!!
ClaireDuvalle ClaireDuvalle
36-40, T
5 Responses Sep 19, 2012

Not hte only one for sure. I get so turned on just looking at all the styles and colors. I get so excited when the sales person is helping me on with a new pair. Just te fact that I am a cd and the sales person knows it is exciting and being accepted is even a greater turn on. Read the story on my page.

Defiantly a sign you are a sissy girl but for me it doesn't stop there hand bags, heels, dresses, underwear.

You aren't the only one, there are many of us.

Definitely not the only one honey ! Many times I've had to head to the toilets to take care of a bulge growing in my panties when I've been inspecting high heels. I get

No, you are not alone. I have actuly shot a load in my panties while while bying high heels and lingerie in the store. I always have to *** when ordering by phone or on line.